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  • Karen Bessette

Co-Managed IT Support & Services with 100+ Employees

Updated: Jun 19

inSync Computer Solutions is a Managed IT Services company that is consistently improving our offerings to benefit our clients. Our unique business model is simple, our goal is to establish mutually beneficial, long-term & trusted relationships with our clients. And that changes everything.

We are always looking our for your best interests. In this case, co-managed IT services, it simply means that, to save money, your business should keep your desktop support personnel. All of our engineers are tier 3 & 4, & have 7 to 30 years of experience. It can be cost-prohibitive for large enterprises.

What that means is we will help your desktop support employees when needed. There are times where desktop support can mean network slowness or losing network connections. We can help your employees with these type of issues. But, meanwhile, we will perform the high level IT support for your network infrastructure. In the end, your business will have the full support of our IT company & you will save money.

It just makes sense. And all of our engineers are carefully chosen to provide friendly & professional IT support. Call us today for more information on co-managed IT support. (949) 837-5000

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