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Saved our client $2.8 million over a 5 year period

How we helped our client

Our client's CFO brought us in & asked whether spending $580,000 per year on Cloud servers, for 50 employees within one office,  was reasonable.  And the answer was no.  It was not reasonable. 


Their monthly Cloud hosting fee was over $48k/month.  We brought that expense down to $0.00 with an on-premise solution.  The hardware & software investment was $103,000 & had a useful life of 5+ years. 


Over a 5 year period, they never experienced downtime because we built in redundant systems to avoid a single point of failure.

Their staff

Their internal IT team migrated their 51 servers to 4 different Cloud providers.  And this move was undocumented.  Their 6 internal IT staff members & a consultant were supporting only 50 employees.  Their staff was laid off.  We took over all of their  responsibilities including managing & maintaining their network, custom software, programming...​

After much due diligence & documentation, we migrated 50 of their 51 virtual servers from 4 Cloud providers to an on-premise solution.  The client purchased hardware & software, including 2 servers, 1 primary & the 2nd acted as a replication target.  Their international Ecommerce website was kept in the Cloud but we managed to reduce the cost from $6,000/month to $650/month.

The on premise hardware & software investment totaled $103,000. For the 5 year life of the servers, they never experienced any downtime.

What We Accomplished

  • ​Documented their past & current network infrastructure including their  51 virtual servers in different Cloud facilities;

  • Identified their custom & off-the-shelf software applications, file servers...;

  • Created a detailed project plan including the hardware & software required for an on-premise solution;

  • Created a migration plan to migrate 49 of their 51 virtual servers to the on-premise solution;

  • Audited their Rackspace environment hosting their international websites & eventually found a more cost-effective hosting solution;

  • Migrated their websites from Rackspace to AWS - gained redundancy;

  • For a disaster recovery/business continuity solution, we are replicating their servers to a Cloud-based solution for $4,000/year;

  • Their servers are being monitored 24/7 with a cloud-based system for $60/month

  • The 49 virtual machines are being monitored with a Linux based system that cost $1,000 - a one time fee - to configure the solution.

The Results

  • We saved our client $2.8 million over 5 years with a $103,000 hardware & software investment the first year;

  • We simplified & documented their network;

  • Their users are much happier with a faster network & less problems;

  • Our client has total control over their data & environment;

  • Their network is current & well-documented;

  • Their data is replicated, backed up onsite & in the Cloud.

  • They have a disaster recovery/business continuity solution in AWS.


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