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Desktop Support

Windows & Mac

Long & Short-Term Engagements

We only employ tier 3 & 4 engineers.

We don't waste our clients time & money on tier 1 & 2 techs.  Our highly qualified & experienced engineers solve problems quickly & efficiently.  


Our desktop support engineers have 7-30 years of server & networking experience.  We don't escalate tickets, we solve desktop issues quickly & efficiently.  Your employees get back to work with less disruption & achieve greater productivity.

An example of how complex desktop issues can be:  Our case study:  Learn more

The majority of all of our IT support, including desktop support, is performed onsite.

Our desktop support is completely flexible - there is no long-term commitment.  There may be times when more or less desktop support is required.  Just a phone call to our office can increase or decrease coverage.

With onsite IT support, our engineers can see, first-hand, the problem(s) users are experiencing to quickly resolve the issue.  And we still believe this is a relationship business.  Your onsite engineers have an opportunity to establish a rapport with your decisionmakers & employees. 


Remote desktop support is available to quickly resolve an issue when your engineer is not onsite.

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