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Traditional Desktop Support

Windows & Mac

Long & Short-Term Engagements


What's unique about our desktop support

A quick case study:  Our client was very unhappy with their MSP because their desktop support tickets was, on average, sustained at about 150 tickets.  We got their tickets down to 30.  How?  We resolved the multiple underlying problems with their Citrix servers, network infrastructure, Internet speed, & highly complicated Excel spreadsheets.  That's what we do.


We only hire tier 3 & 4 engineers.

The majority of our desktop support is onsite, not remote.  Our engineers solve problems quickly & efficiently.  Our desktop support engineers have at least 7-15 years of server & networking experience.  We don't escalate tickets, we solve desktop issues quickly & efficiently.  Your employees get back to work with less disruption & achieve greater productivity.

The majority of all of our IT support, including desktop support, is onsite.


Our desktop support is completely flexible - there is no long-term commitment.  There may be times when more or less desktop support is required.  Just a phone call to our office can increase or decrease coverage.

The majority of our desktop support is  onsite so our engineers can see, first-hand, the problems users are experiencing.  And we still believe this is a relationship business.  Your onsite engineers have an opportunity to establish a rapport with your decisionmakers & employees.  Remote desktop support is also an option.​​

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