What sets our desktop support apart from our competitors?  The majority of our desktop support is onsite, at your offices or facility.  We believe there is value with onsite support, so our engineers can see, first-hand, the problems that your users are experiencing.  We also offer remote support for emergencies that must be addressed immediately.

We have a ticketing system that the majority of our clients utilize, however we also use our clients' internal ticketing systems.  It's simply our clients' preference.  The majority of our clients prefer to utilize our onsite support hours, minimizing remote support.  Unless it's an emergency, it's an efficient method to control costs.


Our desktop support is completely flexible - there is no long-term commitments.  There may be times when more or less desktop support is required.  Just a phone call to our office can increase or decrease coverage.

Our goal is to provide the best desktop support experience for your users, while keeping costs down as much as possible.

We specialize in employee size between 50 and 150 users.  We believe that 2 to 3 days of onsite support is sufficient to support your users.  Our desktop support includes workstations, laptops, mobile phones, iPads, printers...

We are experts in both Microsoft & Mac environments.  Our desktop engineers are trained, experienced & work well with our clients.  If there's a problem that our desktop engineers have a problem resolving in a timely manner, they simply place a call to one of our senior team members, who help trouble shoot the problem.  There is no extra charge for that assistance.

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