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Cloud to Co-lo Migration


We saved our client $1.5 million over a 5 year period.


An inSync Case Study

Cloud to Co-location Facility

​The Problem:

​Our client's CFO asked us to come in & analyze their information technology infrastructure & expense.  Their apps & data were being hosted by a 3rd party Cloud provider in Las Vegas.  They were having many problems with their environment including slowness, connectivity problems, & servers going down. 


Their desktop ticket count was being sustained, on average, at 150 tickets.


Their Cloud hosting expense was $32,000 per month. 

How We Helped

​Our client has 4 manufacturing plants in two states so an on-premise solution was not ideal.  We recommended purchasing a state of the art, 3 server cluster solution to be hosted at a local data center which was best in class.


The HW & SW purchased has a useful life of at least 5 years.  It is under warranty for 5 years but it can be extended.  The cluster provides redundancy with 24/7/365 uptime.  All of their equipment had redundant hardware to avoid the single point of failure.

The co-lo gave them 24/7/365 uptime with redundant Internet & electricity in a secure facility.  The local datacenter we recommended is where Cloud providers host their servers.


Their monthly expense went from $32,000/month to $1,450/month.  ​The cost of the cluster & the rack buildout in the co-location facility was $282,817 which included labor.

Cloud to Co-location Facility Savings

Annual Cloud Hosting Fee  $384,000​

Hardware & Software Investment  $282,817

           Annual Co-lo fees  $17,400

Savings 1st Year $83,783

Savings 2nd-5th Year $366,600 per year

Total Savings for 5 Years $1,550,183

Desktop Tickets Resolved

We deep dived into their environment & their tickets eventually went from a sustained 150 tickets down to 30 tickets on average for 330 employees.  The ongoing problems our engineers solved:

Citrix Problems:
We resolved the largest problem of consistent slow performance by upgrading their Citrix servers to the latest version.  We also increased the number of servers from 16 to 28, & increased the RAM on each Citrix server from 8 GB to 24GB.  For power users, we provided dedicated Citrix servers.


Virtual Server Corruption on Main Drive:
Their main drive was 9TB & had underlying corruption.  We migrated their data to 2 (ea) fresh Microsoft Windows Server 2022 instances.


Printer problems:
We added more resources to their print servers & updated the print drivers.


Excel Power User:
After the Citrix upgrades, this power user continued to have problems with Excel slowness.  Our engineer looked at the Excel spreadsheet & determined that the spreadsheet was so large & complex, that every time she added data, it was calculating the entire spreadsheet.  It was switched to calculate manually only.

Internet Speed:

We upgraded all 4 of their locations Internet speed to 1GB.  One locations only had 20MB.  And we provided redundant 100MB Internet lines with an automated failover.


Further Accomplishments

  • For a disaster recovery/business continuity solution, we replicate their servers to a Cloud-based solution for $4,000/year;

  • Their 3 physical server cluster is monitored 24/7/365 with a cloud-based system for $60/month;

  • Their 44 virtual machines are monitored, for a one time configuration fee, with a Nagios solution that is constantly tuned & upgraded for additional monitoring points.

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