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IT Consulting

IT Consulting Services

Outsource Your IT Projects

As a business owner or manager, it can be difficult to keep your IT department focused on critical daily tasks while also completing more complex IT projects.


If you’re feeling the effects of overwhelmed staff or limited resources, IT project outsourcing may be the ideal solution.

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The Benefits of IT Project Outsourcing
IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting

Our Information Technology Consulting Services


We provide information technology consulting services to assist businesses with outstanding projects, technical choices, & leveraging your current technology effectively. 


The Benefits of IT Outsourcing Your Projects

  • Optimized infrastructure: IT project outsourcing with an expert ensures your network environment works seamlessly across all your hardware & software platforms.

  • Drastically reduced turnaround times:  Our expert IT outsourcing team can learn your needs quickly & efficiently, implementing projects in much shorter time frames than internal teams with less experience.  And you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for speed when working with outsourced experts.

  • Cost efficiency:  Most IT project outsourcing services for specific projects are less expensive than adding new members to your team, & they also allow you to remain focused on essential business functions.  Focusing your internal resources on critical tasks saves your organization time, money, and frustration.

  • Reduced internal staff workloads:  Asking your team to perform unfamiliar types of IT projects can add undue stress. Even worse, it prevents them from focusing on big picture needs and long-term objects. IT project outsourcing prevents you from losing track of your core offerings.

  • Minimize risk: Developing your own software is no simple feat. An experienced outsourced team provides the knowledge and foresight to identify potential issues and mitigate any risks involved.

Cloud Migration

To & From the Cloud

See our case studies & how we saved our clients millions of dollars.

We're not loyal to a technology, we're loyal to our clients.
When you contract with us, you gain a tech CFO!

Cloud to Co-location Facility

Saved $1.5 million over 5 Years

Cloud to On-Premise Solution

Saved $2.797 million over 5 Years

Another case study

Cyber Security & IT Infrastructure Refresh

Surrex Solutions Corporation contracted with inSync Computer Solutions to bridge an IT manpower gap created when our system administrator went out on family leave.  The contract called for a combination of desktop support and system administration.


I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the entire team from contracting through delivery.  Moreover, I believe that they delivered tremendous value to Surrex by servicing the company with the required support at only 20 hours per week splitting the work at 2 different rates (desk top and system administration) during the system administrator's 6 month leave.  

I am more than happy to recommend inSync Computer Solutions to anyone seeking their services.

— Ben Pumphrey
COO, Surrex Solutions Corporation

A client since 2013.

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