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IT Consulting Services


IT consulting, also known as information technology consulting, refers to the practice of providing expert advice & guidance to organizations regarding their technology-related needs, challenges, and strategies.   inSync provides professional IT consultants who possess specialized information technology knowledge with 7 to 30 years experience in various areas of information technology.


Their collective expertise helps our clients make informed decisions & optimize their IT operations.

Just for clarity, our engineers are our IT Consultants.  They are all full-time employees.  We do not hire consultants.  We want to control the process from beginning to the end with our trusted IT engineers.


Here are some key aspects of our IT consulting arm:

  1. Technology strategy and planning:
    Our engineers / IT consultants assist organizations in developing technology strategies aligned with their business goals. They analyze the current IT infrastructure, identify areas for improvement, & recommend appropriate solutions and technologies to achieve desired outcomes.


  2. Systems integration:
    inSync helps their clients integrate disparate systems & technologies to enhance efficiency & streamline operations. This includes integrating software applications, databases, hardware components, & network infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity and data flow.


  3. IT project management:
    Our engineers can lead or support organizations in managing complex IT projects, ensuring they are delivered on time, within budget, & according to the defined requirements. They provide project planning, resource allocation, risk management, & quality assurance throughout the project lifecycle.


  4. Infrastructure assessment and optimization:
    Our IT consultants assess a client's IT infrastructure including hardware, software, network, & security components. They identify performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, & opportunities for optimization to improve system reliability, scalability, & cost-effectiveness.

  5. Security and risk management:
    Our engineers help organizations identify & mitigate cybersecurity risks by implementing robust security measures and policies.  They assess vulnerabilities, recommend appropriate security controls, develop incident response plans, & provide proactive employee training on best security practices.


  6. Cloud computing and digital transformation:
    Our IT consultants guide organizations in adopting cloud-based solutions and leveraging the benefits of digital transformation. They assess suitability for cloud migration, recommend cloud providers, and assist in designing and implementing cloud-based systems and applications.


  7. IT governance & compliance:
    Our IT consultants help organizations establish effective IT governance frameworks & ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards. They assist in developing policies, procedures, & controls to protect data privacy, meet industry-specific requirements, & manage IT-related risks.


  8. Ongoing support and maintenance:
    Our IT consultants offer ongoing IT support services to help organizations manage their IT infrastructure, troubleshoot issues, & optimize system performance.  This can include regular system monitoring, maintenance, & help desk support.

Our IT consulting services are customized based on your business's specific needs, whether your a small business seeking IT guidance or a large enterprise requiring comprehensive technology solutions. The role of an IT consultant is to understand the client's unique requirements, offer objective advice, & assist in implementing & managing technology solutions that drive business success.

Our consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Automating Manual Processes

  • Cloud Managed Services  Learn More

  • Cloud Migrations, To & From the Cloud  Learn More

  • Cyber Security Solutions  Learn More

  • Hardware & Software upgrades

  • Ransomware Remediation  Learn More

  • Strategic Planning & Strategizing  Learn More

  • Turn-key Network Installations

  • Troubleshooting Complex Problems

Examples of Our IT Consulting Case Studies:

Cloud to Co-location Facility

Saved $1.5 million over 5 Years

Cloud to On-Premise Solution

Saved $2.797 million over 5 Years

Cyber Security & IT Infrastructure Refresh


Contact us today for more information on our IT consulting services.


Experienced IT Consultants

Improve Your Technology Choices & Decisions with a Trusted IT Consulting Partner.

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