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IT Consulting Services

Our cost-effective & innovative technical solutions, combined with 30 years of business acumen, is a powerful 'value add' for your team. 

We Don't Just Consult,
We Advise. 

The best way to demonstrate our value to our clients, & our unique cost versus benefit approach to technology, is through our case studies.

We always make sure that decisionmakers understand the 5 year financial impact of our technical solutions.

Cloud to Co-location Facility

Saved our client $1.5 million over 5 Years

Cloud to On-Premise Solution

Saved our client $2.797 million over 5 Years

Cyber Security & IT Infrastructure Refresh

A complete overhaul of their security model & their IT infrastructure.

The Benefits of IT Consulting with inSync

  • Gain peace of mind
    Leverage 30 years of information technology expertise & experience to find the best cost-effective solutions.  We work with clients across many industries, professional & industrial.

  • Innovate with technology
    Improve workflow, decrease manual efforts & costs.

  • End to end IT support
    From implementation to post-installation support, we take care of it all.

  • Troubleshooting your infrastructure
    Our team solves complex problems

  • Drastically reduce turnaround time for complex projects
    Our IT consulting team crafts a detailed project plan to
     quickly & efficiently complete your project.


  • Cost-efficient IT consulting services
    Most defined projects are fixed price.


  • Minimize risk
    Our e
    xperienced IT consulting team has the knowledge & foresight to identify potential issues, & mitigate any risks involved.


Our IT Consulting Contract Options

Time & Materials or Fixed Price Projects

Billed in 15 Minute Increments.  No OT rates.  No Travel Time.  No After Hours.

Call us today!

Our Client Review

Surrex Solutions Corporation contracted with inSync Computer Solutions to bridge an IT manpower gap created when our system administrator went out on family leave.  The contract called for a combination of desktop support and system administration.


I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the entire team from contracting through delivery.  Moreover, I believe that they delivered tremendous value to Surrex by servicing the company with the required support at only 20 hours per week splitting the work at 2 different rates (desk top and system administration) during the system administrator's 6 month leave.  

I am more than happy to recommend inSync Computer Solutions to anyone seeking their services.

— Ben Pumphrey
COO, Surrex Solutions Corporation

A client since 2013.

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