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Cloud Services


Cloud Management, Maintenance & Migrations

We Watch Our Clients' Bottom Line.

We provide managed Cloud services for small & medium sized clients throughout Southern California.  Our IT company provides cost-effective Cloud services & solutions for our valued clientele.

We analyze the 5 year cost of a couple of different technical solutions (Cloud vs On Premise vs Co-location Facility) so our clients can make informed decisions about the cost versus benefit of each solution.


We are advocates for our clients, not a technology.


For small businesses in Microsoft 365, depending on the requirements, we recommend Sharepoint for a streamlined flow of information & Cloud storage.  It's free with Microsoft 365.  The greatest of all the SharePoint benefits is its flexibility. The collaborative platform serves as an intranet, which is simply a company’s internal website for information sharing, task scheduling, contacts, and much more.

Sharepoint has enhanced security & administrators can assign different permission levels depending on the users status. Beyond that, the software has functions for document sharing, file management, social networking, business information, and virtually everything else involved in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Cloud   On Premise   Datacenter

For our other clients, we provide options depending upon the requirements - Cloud, On Premise, Co-location facility.  Migrating to the Cloud does initially save money on the cost of the hardware & software of an on premise solution, or building out a co-location facility, but those solutions last for 5+ years.  The basic math of the Cloud is as follows:  Your 1st annual Cloud premiums pays for the hardware & software used in the Cloud, years 2 - 5 are pure profit.  And as your data builds up, your premiums increase. 

Are your Cloud costs out of control?

The Cloud has many benefits but, based on our experience, saving money is not one of them.

Have your engineers convinced you that the Cloud would save money?  The first year of hosting fees in the Cloud pays for the Cloud's hardware & software to host your applications & data.  Years 2 through 5 are pure profit for the Cloud.  And every month that cost increases as data & transactions increase.

Please see below our 2 case studies:


Case Study 1  Saving Our Client $1.5 Million over a 5 Year Period

We migrated their applications from the Cloud to a co-location facility in Irvine, California.  They had 4 different locations in 2 states.  We chose a 3 server cluster solution for redundancy.  This datacenter is where Cloud providers host their servers.  It is  local, secure, & had redundant electricity & Internet for 24/7/365 uptime.  Our client invested $282,000 on a 3 server cluster solution & the rack buildout.  Their monthly premiums were $32,000/month or $384,000 annually.  The monthly cost of the datacenter was $1,450 or $17,400/year.  Learn More


Case Study 2  Saving Our Client over $2.8 Million over a 5 Year Period.

For another client, we migrated their applications from the Cloud to an On Premise solution with only a $103,000 hardware & software solution.  They were paying over $48,000 per month or $576,000 annually on Cloud Computing.  There were only 50 employees & all were onsite in one building.  Their engineers migrated them from an on premise solution to multiple different Cloud providers.  Learn More

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