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Cloud Services

Our process is to provide the best technical options & the 5 year costs associated with that solution.



We're Not Your Typical MSP.

  • We always look out for your best interests;

  • Moving all of your servers to the Cloud could signifcantly negatively impact your bottom line;

  • Ecommerce sites or small applications that require 24/7 is ideal;

  • And we don't have a private "Cloud".  

We use the Cloud thoughtfully.


Gain a Technology CFO

There can a knowledge gap between your CFO & your IT team.  We bridge that gap.

We make sure you have the facts.


Purchasing Hardware & Software Versus Cloud Hosting Fees

  • Purchasing your hardware & software is at least a 5 year solution.  On average, the first 12 months of your monthly Cloud hosting fees pays for the hardware & software required for an on-prem or co-lo solution Years 2-5 are pure profit for the Cloud.

  • As your data & transactions increase, so does your monthly fees.

  • If a client requires 24/7/365 uptime, we ask them to consider a co-location facility.  Our recommended state-of-the-art co-location facility hosts Cloud providers (AWS) & is only $1500/month.

  • A server cluster solution provides redundancy for 24/7/365 uptime more cost-effectively.

Case Studies

Cloud Migrations Out of the Cloud

Case Study 1:

Case Study 2:

  • They were paying over $48,000 per month on Cloud computing.  That cost was eliminated.

We are Advocates for Our Clients, Not for Cloud Technology.


For small businesses in Microsoft 365, depending on the requirements, we recommend Sharepoint for a streamlined flow of information & Cloud storage.  It's free with Microsoft 365.  The best feature of SharePoint is its flexibility.


Our clients have their ecommerce sites & email in the Cloud.  We also use the Cloud for backups & disaster recovery solutions.  Like I said, it just has to make fiscal sense.

Need Help with Your Cloud Services?  Call us today!

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