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Our 5 Star Reviews

Happy Holidays!

Thanks so much for another great year!

Couldn't do it without you.



This was from the card attached to our 2023 Christmas gift.

This is a terrific company to deal with.  Nikki Sessions is very quick to respond when you reach out & the work is always promptly taken care of.

Scott Harrington is our IT engineer & we couldn't be happier.  Scott goes over & above to make sure that our business running smoothly & securely.  What I find the most impressive about Scott is that he isn't afraind to say "I'm not sure, but I will find out."  And, of course, he always does.

Thanks for making us look good.


— Jeff Petersil

Brent Myers CPA & Associates

Our client since 2021

Our reviews make a difficult decision a bit easier.

Experience the difference from the 1st phone call. 

Sainick Law

Law Firm

IT Partner since 2004

My business has employed the IT services of inSync Computer Solutions for years.  They have been instrumental in streamlining many of the processes in our office.  Their IT professionals dispatched to my office are always professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.


— Frederick Sainick

Managing Partner


OCNS - The Experts in Connectivity

In-Building Cellular DAS, WiFi, Low Voltage Cabling, & IT Services.

IT Partner since 2023

Mike has been in touch with me on his status of the controller installation and what he needs. Today he called me and asked me to send me certain emails for activating licenses.


I am so very happy with the professionalism and knowledge of your engineers, they have taken ownership of this project, communicated with me and informed me of next steps.


Please tell everyone thank you from me and I hope to keep using your resources in the future !


— Jeff Darst



United Financial Group

Mortgage Lender

IT Partner Since 2008

Our office has used InSync's services for several years now. Prompt and knowledgeable, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.

Sarah Balthasar


Garden Fresh Corporate Headquarters

Soup Plantation Restaurants

IT Partner Since 2008

Went Out of Business 2020

Top Notch Know-How for just about every facet of IT... When my staff are facing something bizarre, or are behind the 8-ball of unrealistic deadlines set from on-high, InSync is my go-to for a fast immediate fixall, and their "not to exceed" project pricing model makes both our execs and accountants happy when it comes to getting work approved.  They always deliver on time and at or under budget. They know what to look for and what to ask from the get-go, so there's never any nasty surprises like some other less reputable consulting houses.

— Nathan Burroughs

Senior IT Engineer


Hybrid Apparel

A full service design, development, sourcing, production and apparel distribution company.

IT Partner Since 2017

InSync has lots of talented engineers in the various different business technologies. Well rounded service to help and advise on enterprise level IT needs.

— Orlando Lopez

Senior Software Engineer



Business Intelligence Services

IT Partner Since 2018

inSync Computer Solutions is our go to for IT support and services. Their excellent customer service provides friendly, knowledgeable staff to assist with all our IT needs in a quick, cost efficient manner...they are our IT Department!

— Christi Deverian


StorAmerica Self-Storage

​84 Sites

​IT Partner since 2015

​We use inSync Computer Solutions for our business to install new systems, troubleshoot problems and handle all of our PCI compliance requirements. LIFE. SAVER.  Great company. Awesome, fast customer service.

— Tracie Manes



Sparta Inc.

​A National Aerospace & Engineering Firm
IT Partner since 1994

Purchased by Parsons in 2013


When we replaced our legacy accounting system with Deltek's Costpoint, inSync Computer Solutions migrated the data, built custom bridges, tools & reports to facilitate the implementation.  Their engineers were key to the success of the project.

— Cindy Marinkovich



Parsons Corporation

Engineering, Construction, Design, Project Management

IT Partner Since 2013

The team at inSync Computer Solutions was instrumental in the successful implementation of PARBiz at Parsons as well as the transition to Parsons internal team.  In addition, they have provided exceptional IT support and services, including cyber security, to Parsons.  They also provided IT support to Sparta since 1994, prior to the acquisition by Parsons.  The Operations organizations at Parsons truly appreciate the tireless efforts, collaboration, and dedication from the inSync team, and we are grateful.

--- Ted Hancock

VP Federal Information Technology


Surrex Solutions Corporaton

​Information Technology Consulting

​IT Partner since 2013

Surrex Solutions Corporation contracted with inSync Computer Solutions to bridge an IT manpower gap created when our system administrator went out on family leave.  The contract called for a combination of desktop support and system administration.

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the entire team from contracting through delivery.  Moreover, I believe that they delivered tremendous value to Surrex by servicing the company with the required support at only 20 hours per week splitting the work at 2 different rates (desk top and system administration) during the system administrator's 6 week leave.  

I am more than happy to recommend inSync Computer Solutions to anyone seeking their services

— Ben Pumphrey



Software for Projects, People, and Financials

IT Partner since 2011

Unanet has worked with inSync Computer Solutions for several years taking advantage of their superior IT support & software development skills.  Their responsiveness to Unanet’s needs has solidified them as a key Unanet partner.

— Steve Bittner 

Vice President


Lynx Fulfillment, LLC

​Pick, Pack & Ship

​IT Partner since 2016


Lynx Fulfillment would be in the Stone Age if it was not for the all-encompassing solution that inSync Computer Solutions deployed.

— Patrick Randolph

Lynx Fulfillment


DLC Laboratories

​Health & Beauty Product Manufacturer

IT Partner since 2009


For the last several years, inSync Computer Solutions is an excellent managed services company and has provided excellent IT support to DLC Laboratories, Inc.  Their experienced engineers & office personnel have consistently exceeded our expectations.

— Juan Manzur

DLC Laboratories



​Infrastructure Design & Consulting

​IT Partner Since 2010

Solid IT consulting services & market pricing.  We use them for our networking, Linux & Windows servers, mirroring servers, Asterisk VOIP system, & managing our Cisco firewall/VPN.

— Patrick Kenny




Their IT Partner Since 2016

The staff at inSync Computer Solutions is amazing. They provide expert advice & efficient IT service with a warm, friendly approach.

— Ellen Love


Built a website for their organization, pro bono.



A Technology Firm Serving Aerospace, Defense, Energy, and Healthcare

Their IT Partner Since 2010

I have used inSync Computer Solutions for our corporate IT support maintenance work for years.  They have highly professional experts on their staff who are sensitive to customer's needs.  The administrative folks of that company are very good in assigning a professional to meet immediate needs.  Their billing is very reasonable.  I am one of their satisfied customers.

— Kisholoy Goswami



Swiss Wire E.D.M.

EDM Services for the Aerospace, Medical, & Commercial industries

IT Partner Since 2006

inSync Computer Solutions has maintained our IT systems for years & we would trust no one else.  Always very responsive.  Great team!

— Darrell Lane

Swiss Wire EDM


Independent Trading Company

​Wholesaler & Manufacturer of Apparel

IT Partner Since 2013


inSync Computer Solutions is very reliable with a responsive IT team that offers great IT support.


— Dena Marques

Production Manager​


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