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Cyber Security Risk Management

A comprehensive platform that scans your network for vulnerabilities, provides a risk assessment report so we can discuss whether/how to mitigate those risks.

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Our Platform Includes:

Internal & External Vulnerability scans

Sensitive Data Discovery

Vulnerability Management

Secure Baseline


Dark Web Monitoring


Risk Mitigation



Additional Details:


Sensitive Data Discovery
Discover the sensitive data in your cloud and on-prem environments.
Scan company systems, email inboxes, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Cloud for any sensitive data that isn’t adequately protected.

Understand what sensitive data was found, where it was found and the associated risk for your business.
Mitigate risk by taking immediate steps to secure this data.


Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management covers the complete cycle of discovering, classifying, analyzing and mitigating security vulnerabilities in an
organization’s IT environment, with the end goal of closing security gaps and reducing cyber risk.

Perform Internal (Authenticated & Unauthenticated), External, and Web App Vulnerability Scans, understand the vulnerabilities discovered,
and create data-driven mitigation plans to quickly close security gaps and prevent cyber attacks.

Secure Baseline
Compare your Operating Systems’ existing configuration against established security frameworks like the CIS Benchmarks & DISA STIGs.

Find security gaps and misconfigurations, and strengthen configuration based on scan results.


Check for deviation from a secure state by scheduling regular scans.

Dark Web Monitoring
Monitor the dark web for leaked or stolen company data & underground discussions mentioning your organization, its domains, or IP addresses.

Track information in breach records and dark web marketplaces (where your organization’s data may be dumped or be up for sale) and
underground forums and ransomware discussions (where hackers may be discussing your data in the context of an attack or a breach.)


Move closer to meeting regulatory compliance requirements with Active Directory Monitoring (on-prem), AD Azure Monitoring (cloud),
Microsoft Secure Score, and Overall Cyber Risk Assessment based on multiple scans.


Risk Mitigation
Create data-driven, actionable, and easy-to-track mitigation plans under each scan category (Vulnerability, Sensitive Data Discovery,
Secure Baseline) to quickly reduce risk in your environment.

Assign tasks to team members, data owners, or end users; set start and end dates to track progress and stay on top of mitigation efforts.
Report Builder

Easily generate risk assessment reports (both detailed and concise versions) with key findings under all scan categories.

Provide an easy-to-understand overview of the security gaps in your IT environment to board members and other stakeholders.


Cyber Risk Assessment Reporting
Get a quick overview of your organization's current security posture based on vulnerability, data sensitivity, and security baseline scans;
risk monetization data; and compliance tracking
Track your organization’s compliance with regulatory and best practice frameworks like PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST CSF and the CIS Controls
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