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Cyber Security Services

How we start every engagement

Vulnerability Assessment

Our cyber security protection starts on day one.  But before we can come up with a cybersecurity game plan, we have to understand your network’s vulnerabilities.  During our risk assessment, we thoroughly analyze your system & recommend actionable solutions for any issues we find.

Network & Endpoint Security

Keeping your data secure is a never-ending process. We start by implementing layered, cutting edge advanced security solutions like user access controls, email encryption, & an AI intrusion detection system.  inSync has engaged a Security Operations Center to monitor your network 24/7/365 to catch & eliminate threats before they can hurt your business.

Compliance Consulting

Our team members know the ins & outs of various compliance regulations including SOX, ISO, AICPA, PCI, NIST & more. We help you fill out compliant applications & implement the necessary security controls to keep your business compliant & sensitive data safe.

User Awareness Training

Your team members are the first line of defense against cybersecurity attacks. We give them the training & the tools required to protect your data, recognize phishing attacks, & prevent data breaches.

Serving Southern California for 29 Years

Cyber Security Solutions

Our Cyber Security Success

Our cookie cutter approach to technology means that we have successfully protected all of our clients, enterprise to small businesses, against cyber attacks such as Ransomware.

The importance of having great cyber security is so heightened during these times of frequent cyber attacks into sophisticated systems.

We have a plan!


Protecting Your Network Infrastructure & Data

Against Internal & External Threats.

inSync Computer Solutions understands there’s a lot at stake when it comes to protecting our clients' IT environment & data. To keep your business safe, we apply layers of solutions including:

Your 1st line of defense to secure your network.

Virtual Private Networks
To securely access your network from a remote location.

AI Empowered Endpoint Protection

AI technology observes patterns within your network to determine abnormal activity within your network.  When abnormal activity occurs, the software:

  • Automatically quarantines the device;

  • The 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) manually examines the incident to determine whether the threat is real;

  • Kills the activity if an active threat;

  • Releases the device;

  • And informs us whether any further action is required;

  • The progress of each incident is emailed to us.  It's amazing.

Backup Solutions
A local & Cloud backup - The Cloud backup is air gapped & immutable.

Spam, Malware, & Advanced Threat Protection

Regulatory Compliance

Access Control

Data Encryption

Parsons Corporation

Engineering, Construction, Design, Project Management

IT Partner Since 2013


The team at inSync Computer Solutions was instrumental in the successful implementation of PARBiz at Parsons as well as the transition to Parsons internal team.  In addition, they have provided exceptional IT support and services, including cyber security, to Parsons.  They have also provided exception IT to Sparta since 1994, prior to the acquisition by Parsons.  The Operations organizations at Parsons truly appreciate the tireless efforts, collaboration, and dedication from the inSync team, and we are grateful.

---Ted Hancock

VP Federal Information Technology



Protecting & Securing IT Environments

Our passion for high standards, constant improvement & proactive IT management delivers for your business.

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