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Cyber Security

A Comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy to Protect Your Business.

Protecting your business amidst unpredictable threats.

inSync provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art cyber security with layers of threat protection throughout your network.  The importance of having layers is so heightened during these times of frequent cyber attacks.


​We always have a plan!

Our MSP Toolbox

Our Cyber Security Toolbox

Access Control
AI Empowered Endpoint Protection
Backup Solutions
Compliance Consulting
Data Encryption

Email Protection

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Penetration Testing
User Awareness Training
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Vulnerability Risk Management

The Details

Access Control

Access control is a data security process that enables your business to manage who is authorized to access corporate data & resources. Secure access control uses policies that verify users are who they claim to be & ensures appropriate control access levels are granted to users.

Artificial Intelligence or AI Empowered Endpoint Protection

AI technology observes patterns within your network to determine abnormal activity within your network.  When abnormal activity occurs, the software:

  • Automatically quarantines the device;

  • The 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) manually examines the incident to determine whether the threat is real;

  • Kills the activity if an active threat;

  • Releases the device;

  • And informs us whether any further action is required;

  • The progress of each incident is emailed to us.  It's impressive.

Backup Solutions

We always recommend redundant backups, a local backup onto an appliance that is backed up 1 or more times a day depending upon your requirements.   The Cloud backup is air gapped & immutable.

An immutable backup is a copy of data that has role-based access controls & other types of authentications which cannot be changed or deleted until a set time has expired.  Air-gapping is an advanced data protection feature used to isolate & detach target storage volumes from networks, production environments, and host platforms.

Compliance Consulting

Our team members know the ins & outs of various compliance regulations including SOX, ISO, AICPA, PCI, NIST & more. We help you fill out compliant applications & implement the necessary security controls to keep your business compliant & sensitive data safe.

Data Encryption

Encryption is a form of data security in which information is converted to ciphertext. Only authorized people who have the key can decipher the code & access the original plaintext information.  In even simpler terms, encryption is a way to render data unreadable to an unauthorized party.

Email Protection

Email attacks are getting more complex and dangerous.  Many email threats today use social engineering tactics to target users and bypass email security gateways.  Our email protections stays ahead of cybercriminals to protect your business & data.

Our solution protects against all 13 email threat types.  It leverages machine learning to deliver the highest level of threat detection accuracy. Protect against all email threat types, reduce false positives, & maintain a secure communication environment with superior email detection efficacy.


The 1st line of defense in securing your network.  We surround your business with a top-line defense, a physical firewall appliance that detects & stops threats fast without slowing your business down. 

A firewall is a network security device that prevents unauthorized access to a network. It inspects incoming & outgoing traffic using a set of security rules to identify and block threats.  inSync configures your firewall based on your company's requirements.

​Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is a multi-step account login process that requires users to enter more information than just a password. For example, along with the password, users might be asked to enter a code sent to their email, answer a secret question, or scan a fingerprint. A second form of authentication can help prevent unauthorized account access if a system password has been compromised.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Penetration testing provides a complete risk assessment & mitigation solution. It's capabilities include internal & external vulnerability scanning, data sensitivity scanning, secure configuration assessment, dark web monitoring, & a risk assessment analysis. 

User Awareness Training

Your team members are the first line of defense against cybersecurity attacks. We give them the training & the tools required to protect your data, recognize phishing attacks, & prevent data breaches.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN establishes a digital connection between your computer & a remote server owned by a VPN provider, creating a point-to-point tunnel that encrypts your personal data, masks your IP address, and lets you sidestep website blocks and firewalls on the internet. This ensures that your online experiences are private, protected, and more secure.  By its very definition, a VPN connection is:

  • Virtual because no physical cables are involved in the connection process;

  • Private because through this connection, no one else can see your data or browsing activity;

  • Networked because multiple devices—your computer & the VPN server—work together to maintain an established link.

We provide consistent & evolving cyber security solutions to all of our clients.

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