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  • Karen Bessette

Our Culture of Caring

Is extended to both our clients & our employees.

For our clients, it simply means that your best interests are always a priority & kept in the forefront.  It changes everything about how we conduct our business from day 1. We don't have a private cloud to host your apps, backups...nor do we lease HW & SW. We always feel it is in your best interest to own your IT environment.

If your servers are in the Cloud, your credit card is on file.

For our employees, our great company culture means they take pride in their work & it equates to lengthier employee retention rates. It also provides your business consistent IT support with your assigned engineers.

Our job is to successfully manage & maintain, protect & secure your IT environment.  Our goal is 24/7/365 uptime which we consistently achieve for our clients.  We are an MSP partner that is invested in the health of your network.

And we watch your bottom line.

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