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  • Karen Bessette

What makes inSync a successful MSP?

Family Owned & Operated for 30 Years...Longevity Counts.

Our Breadth of Knowledge

Watching Our Clients Bottom Line

Our client was having issues with his software provider hosting their legacy software. The provider was down for a number of days. So our client wanted to host the software in the Cloud. He didn't want to purchase hardware or software.

So I showed him our 2 case studies:

How we saved our client $1.5 million over a 5 year period.

We saved our client $2.8 million over a 5 year period.

After he read those case studies, he changed his mind. Our goal is to always give our clients cost-effective solutions that make fiscal sense. Our engineers configured hardware & software solutions & pricing to give him options.

And we also introduced him to Databank, a world class co-location facility that would give him the 24/7/365 uptime & security that he required.

We installed & configured the new firewall, switch, server, backup solution...into the co-lo. His vendors were going to migrate the legacy software & data to the new server. But there were problems that they could not solve. For 2+ months, they tried to solve the problems but to no avail.

We have a number of systems integrators on our staff. A systems integration engineer requires a broad range of skills including legacy & current software, networking, enterprise architecture, software & hardware engineering, interface protocols & general problem solving skills. Our systems integrators have 30+ years of experience.

And, one by one, they solved all of their complex problems. One of our engineers who helped solve their issues is also a software developer. Other IT companies probably couldn't solve these problems as it requires a knowledge of legacy software that is fairly rare in most MSPs.

We don't hire techs. We hire seasoned engineers with 8-30+ years of experience. When looking for a IT support company, look for one that hires & retains senior systems integrators & network engineers for years.

And look for a company that always keeps your best interests in the forefront. We don't lease or host any of our clients data or applications. We always believe your business should own your IT environment.

And finally, look for a company that watches your bottom line & cares about your business.

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