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  • Karen Bessette

Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Our Clients

Updated: Jan 31

Since our inception in 1994, keeping our clients & employees happy was our business. But what does that mean?

1) Be honest

A healthy relationship is built on trust. And trust is gained if you're always honest with your clients. So we're honest to a fault. But, honestly, our measured approach & planning for significant projects avoids problems & hard to have conversations.

2) Focus on building mutually beneficial relationships with your clients.

inSync's business model has 2 specific ways to successfully build relationships with our clients:

a) Our Manager of Operations, Nikki, always answers our telephone, emails & assigns helpdesk tickets to provide immediate help to our clients. Friendly, smart & outgoing, she is there when you need us most & always responds to client requests.

b) Our business model is to assign a principal, tier 4 engineer to your account. They provide regular onsite IT support, get to know your employees & decisionmakers, & become the experts on your IT environment.

3) Deliver on time & on budget

It's simply keeping your word. And we do. With large projects, we plan for every step. Sometimes delays occur but we keep our clients well informed of any delays, but we always deliver on budget.

4) Take decisive action

With 30 years of experience & being experts on information technology, we always handle problems quickly & decisively. It saves time, money & stress for both us & our clients.

In the end, it's about always keeping our word, looking out for our clients' best interests, & watching out for their bottom line. IT disasters are often technical, but they can also be financial.

Many engineers have migrated their employers into the Cloud without weighing the financial 5 year cost. We have migrated several clients from the Cloud saving them millions of dollars over a 5 year period.

One of our clients was determined to migrate to the Cloud to avoid purchasing the hardware & software for a 5 year solution. I told him to read my case studies. He has purchased the hardware & software, & going into a world class co-location facility.

Our case studies:

Saved $1.5 million over a 5 year period

Saved $2.8 million over a 5 year period

Need a trusted MSP partner? Call us today! (949) 837-5000

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