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  • Karen Bessette

Our "Always Evolving" Cyber Security

As a full-service MSP, our cyber security solutions are key to protecting our clients data & systems. We provide layers of cyber protection for each of our clients. Today we're going to focus on our endpoint protection.

Our endpoint protection is a key attack vector for malicious actors seeking deeper access to your network. Our solution uses AI to determine normal patterns within your network. It constantly monitors your network 24/7/365. If abnormal activity is detected, the device is immediately quarantined from your network where the threat is manually remediated by our Security Operations Center (SOC) team.

Our team manually remediates the threat & determines whether it is a malicious threat or a false positive. If it is a false positive, the machine is released from quarantine. But if the threat is active, our team kills the threat, adds notes about the threat to document it, & releases the machine back to the network.

Our endpoint tool has the intelligence to anticipate threats & manage vulnerabilities to protect your network environment. Combined with 24/7/365 threat hunting & our managed services, we are redefining the future of cybersecurity with the Power of AI.

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