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The Top 10 Reasons Why We Should be Your IT Support Company!

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Our business is about people.
We have always believed that good business is building strong relationships with our people - our employees & our clients.  Our clients do not leave us!  We have clients that have remained with us for 26 years.  It is key to  surviving some tough years.

Technology is always evolving.
Businesses will thrive or dive based on how well they leverage technology. We want your business to soar, so we work to understand your corporate culture, challenges and budget to deliver the IT solutions that make sense for your business. The majority of work is onsite - so we understand, first-hand, the problems we can solve with technology.

Every Engagement Starts With A Free IT Infrastructure Audit
It is key to  surviving some tough years. With our free consultation & audit, we are able to discover vulnerabilities before they become problems. It includes a list of your IT assets & the health & age of each. If there are areas of concern that requires redress, we provide a fixed price proposal (hardware, software & labor) to address the problem. If requested, we also prioritize items for budgetary purposes.

Our onboarding process is clean.
We provide our new clients a clean, worry-free transition from their former IT support. Preferably your former IT company can provide a list of passwords required for the transition. Keeping the complexity of your IT infrastructure & business in mind, our first priority is disabling passwords & locking down your physical & virtual environment by securing your physical assets & data.

Every client is assigned a certified, senior network administrator.
The engineer's technical expertise is aligned with the client assigned.  Your engineer will become the expert on your IT infrastructure & aligns your technical objectives with your budget.   Your assigned engineer learns first hand any pain points in your network that can be solved with technology.  He will also help budget, in advance, for large expenditures such as server upgrades.

Protecting Your Data
inSync protects your data & intellectual property by offering redundant backup solutions. Our backup solutions includes on & offsite back ups, archiving data, isolated NAS snapshots to protect against ransomware attacks, server replication & some fairly inexpensive disaster recovery solutions.

Protecting your business with layers of IT security.
With increased cyber attacks, we're helping businesses adapt to a new age. inSync provides a cyber-security strategy to protect your business, customers, and data from growing cyber-security threats by locking out intruders with robust firewalls, anti-virus & email filtering, proper back up of data, employee training for phishing...

Providing options & flexibility.
Our clients vary from enterprise to small businesses, so we provide technical options for our clients. i.e. Cloud - On Premise - Hybrid options. We also offer payment options to best fit your business - monthly fixed price support versus Time & Materials support. In the end, we're allowing our clients the flexibility to make the decisions that is best for their business.

​Our "White Glove" customer service.
We put our client's first with excellent customer service. Our calls & tickets are immediately handled by our capable in-house staff. For emergency calls during office hours, we immediately assign an IT Support Engineer to remotely look at the problem. We have 24/7/365 support - our engineers handle our off-hour support, alleviating the frustration of unanswered phone calls or an on-call operator.

Our cost vs benefit approach with technology - or How We Saved Our Client Over $400,000 Per Year
Our clients' internal IT support migrated 51 virtual servers from an on-premise solution to the Cloud resulting in a staggering overhead increase of over $600k per year. inSync saved our client over $400,000 a year, $2 million over a five year period, by migrating the majority of their virtual servers from the Cloud to an on-premise solution. Learn more