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Teddy - Our Chief Barkity Officer

Top 10 Reasons to Choose inSync

This is Teddy,
our Chief Doggity Officer!

Let's start with what we don't do.

We don't lease hardware & software to our clients, & we don't host your applications in a private or public cloud.  We believe your business should be autonomous from your MSP.   You should always have control of your IT infrastructure.


Personalized IT support & services with a friendly approach.

We don't ask our clients to adhere to our business model.  It's actually the opposite.  Our IT support is based on your company's needs.  Our job is to proactively monitor, maintain & manage your IT infrastructure, & to protect & secure your data.

We care about our clients & their experience with our company.  Our clients enjoy our company because we're easy to talk to, easy to deal with, & have dedicated resources for their business.


Our professional & seasoned IT support engineers powers your business forward.

Our team of engineers are all experts in information technology.  We only employ tier 3 & 4 engineers which simply means that they have the education, expertise, & years of experience to quickly resolve problems.  We don't waste your time & money on "techs".


Our team works seamlessly together to troubleshoot complex problems for our clients.


Your business has dedicated IT support engineers for your business.

For SMB clientele:  For consistent IT support for our clients, we assign 2 engineers for each client.  The engineers chosen for your business have skillsets that are closely aligned to your technical environment.  They become the experts on your IT environment.

For our enterprise clients with more complexity, we provide an experienced project manager & dedicated resources so that all of your technology is smoothly supported.


Our cost vs benefit approach with information technology solutions.

We are very cost conscious & watch our clients' bottom lines.  We have helped clients find affordable options after their internal engineers migrated all of their servers into the Cloud.  Paying $32k to $48k per month for Cloud servers is a steep price tag for small businesses.

And every month your Cloud costs increase because of data growth, number of transactions...Read how we saved two client $ 2.7 & $1.5 million over a 5 year period.  We migrated most, not all, of their servers from the Cloud.  Some servers had a legitimate reason to be in the Cloud.


Case Studies:

Cloud to On Premise

Cloud to Co-location


Our onboarding process is clean.

We provide our new clients a clean, worry-free transition from your former IT support to inSync.  


Setting the gold standard for IT support.

If your company experiences an emergency, we provide remote assistance within minutes, & a guaranteed onsite presence within 2 hours. But our clients rarely experience emergencies because we provide:

  • Layers of cyber security protection including our new endpoint protection solution.  Our endpoint protection solution that provides a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) with an Artificial Intelligence interface that monitors your network for unusual activity.  It then isolates the device from your network, examines the threat, quarantines it if real & then kills it.  It's a game changing solution

  • 24/7/365 hardware & software monitoring with email alerts to detect problems;

  • An onsite & Cloud backup & recovery solution that protects & secures your data;

  • Redundant hardware & software solutions to a avoid single point of failure;


Our managed IT services business is about building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

It starts with customer service.  Our phone is always answered from 8am to 6pm by our staff.  No voicemail.  No unanswered phones. 

Our fixed price MSP contracts include onsite & off hours IT support.  Labor for server upgrades & Cloud migrations are separate, with not to exceed fixed price quotes for labor.  It's Time & Materials until the labor quote is met so it could cost less than the fixed price, but not more.  That being said, we have eliminated the "surprise" out of scope invoices.

Our Time & Material contracts provide a fixed price per hour.  Our T&M rate includes off hours & onsite IT support.  Call us to find out more!


Every new engagement starts a free IT infrastructure audit.

We start out every engagement with a free IT infrastructure audit so we can accurately gauge the health, stability & security of your network.  Starting from a place of knowledge is always a good first step. Learn More


Our IT services business is about people.

Our clients remain for years.  Our employees remain for years.  It always comes from the top, down.  We have always believed that it's good business building strong relationships with our employees & clients.  We have little turnover because we treat our employees extremely well which benefits our clients with consistent IT support.

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