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Strategic IT Consulting

The process of developing a strategic technology plan requires a project champion to spearhead the effort.


We are that champion.


Our strategic IT consulting services brings decades of technical experience to the table.  It has value in virtually every industry, & provides businesses with an external, expert perspective on various business & technical challenges.


We offer a fresh objective on complex issues, including the annual technology spend per year.  It ensures that our clients consider every angle when making big business decisions.  Our goal is to create a plan that will maximize return on investment while ensuring that your technology solutions are tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Our experienced IT professionals will work with your key individuals to understand your goals, identify areas for improvement, & create a tailored plan for achieving those goals.  We will be your project champion, guiding you through the process and helping you take the necessary steps to reach success.

The best way to present our strategic IT consulting services is with our case studies.

1st:  Cloud to Co-location Facility

The Problem:

​Our client's CFO asked inSync to come in & analyze their information technology infrastructure & expense.  Their apps & data were being hosted by a 3rd party Cloud provider in Las Vegas.  They were having many problems with their environment including slowness, connectivity problems, & servers going down. 


Their desktop ticket count was being sustained, on average, at 150 tickets.  And their Cloud hosting expense was $32,000 per month, & growing monthly.

The Resolution:

After much due diligence, we recommended migrating from the Cloud & purchasing a state of the art, 3 server cluster solution to be hosted at a local data center.  The cluster provided redundancy, the co-lo had redundant Internet & electricity in a secure facility.

We fixed their numerous problems including Citrix, RAM, Internet speed, corruption on their 10TB drive. Their tickets are now down to 30 tickets sustained.


Their monthly expense went from $32,000/month to $1,450/month.  ​The cost of the cluster & the rack buildout in the co-location facility was $282,817 which included labor.  They, to date, have never experienced downtime.

Bottom line:  We saved $1.5 million over a 5 year period.  Learn More

2nd:  Cloud to On Premise


Our client's CFO brought us in & asked whether spending $580,000 per year on Cloud servers, for 50 employees within one office,  was reasonable.  And the answer was no.  It was not reasonable.  


Their monthly Cloud hosting fee was $48k/month.  We brought that expense down to $0.00 with an on-premise solution with a $103,000 investment with a useful life of 5+ years.  Two of their servers stayed in the Cloud but we substantially reduced that expense as well.


For the past 5 years, they never experienced downtime.

Bottom line:  We saved them $2.8 million over a 5 year period. Learn More


3rd:  Securing a Failing & Vulnerable IT Environment

Our client was attacked by a highly sophisticated foreign entity on a weekend morning.  The systems were in the process of being encrypted but an employee noticed the unusual activity and literally unplugged their systems, stopping the encryption.  inSync had been helping with custom software support, but our senior engineers were asked to come in to audit & evaluate their systems.

We audited their extensive IT infrastructure at five different facilities, and presented our findings to their C-level staff.  Our audit results concluded:


  • No firewalls;

  • No backups, local or remote;

  • Failing infrastructure including servers, switches...;

  • No antivirus protection on 225 machines including desktops, laptops, servers…resulting in a phishing attack;

  • Poor on & offboarding procedures of personnel resulting in significant O365 overbillings;

  • Inadequate digital file storage & backups of intellectual property.

Based on our results & recommendations, our client made a substantial IT infrastructure investment to protect, secure & stabilize their corporate environment.  They were lucky as they never experienced downtime despite their lack of infrastructure.  Learn More



These are examples of our strategic consulting, our extensive due diligence, & providing cost-effective options that saved, in some cases, literally millions of dollars.  Although it is a bit unusual, all of these clients let go of their internal IT staff & contracted our MSP services.

I like to say our loyalty is to our clients, not a technology.  We take a very cost versus benefit approach to technology.  The subscription based revenue for technology has become standard but, for our clients, we lean away from it.

And for the 3rd example, it was an example of engineers that were either incapable of proactively managing & maintaining their IT environment, or they just didn't care.  Either way, they failed to protect their employer.

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