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Thank you for considering inSync as your IT Partner.  We appreciate the opportunity to present our IT support & services skillset, & how we set ourselves apart from other IT providers.


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Who Owns What

Does your IT company host your applications? Your backups? Your websites? Your antivirus? If there is a divorce, aka you want to go your separate ways - is there a smooth transitional path?

We are in the IT world and, again & again I am astonished by the practices of our competitors. If they can make a buck hosting applications, they do. You want your passwords? Nope. Can't have them. Are these practices really in your best interest?

There are many professional hosting companies with uptime of 99.99% - and they cost, oftentimes, far less & with greater reliability. Competition is our friend in this area. Azure, AWS, Office365...Your business can host applications in the Cloud, back them up to a different geographic location, and have a disaster recovery solution in a third location.

Bottom line: If our clients want to host a given application(s) in the Cloud, we provide them different alternatives and they contract the service(s) themselves. We always believe that keeping our clients as independent from us, their IT provider, is in the clients best interests.

For on-premise solutions, we offer 5 year solutions that are industry standard & well-documented, so in case of a breakup, they can easily transition to the other company. We always look at the cost versus benefit of an on-prem versus Cloud solution over a 5 year period.

And you always own, and have access, to your passwords. Is your IT company looking out for your best interest?