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  • Karen Bessette

We Close 100% of Our New Leads

So excited to be adding another new MSP client to inSync's roster. Our approach to IT is so different, that we close 100% of our leads.

We provide a personal & fresh approach to IT support with regular onsite IT service & assigned engineers. We believe that building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients is one of the reasons our clients remain for years. And we don't trap our clients by hosting their applications, backups or email. We believe their best interests are served with 3rd party vendors specializing in these areas.

We also believe that amazing customer service starts with always answering our phones during business hours, no voice mail. Because, when you need us, we are there.

All of our engineers are full-time employees, & tier 3 & 4 seasoned IT support professionals. But what makes them special, is they are also friendly. We don't waste our clients' time or energy dealing with arrogant engineers.

Have a complex network? As an engineering company focused on information technology, we specialize in complex networks & problem solving. We manage, maintain, upgrade & migrate our clients' applications & data, cost-effectively.

Our use of the Cloud is thoughtful, always keeping in mind that as your data & transactions grow, so does your monthly invoice. More often, we migrate our clients' to a 24/7/365 co-location facilities where Cloud providers are hosting their servers. There is an investment up front, but other than the monthly fee of $1500/month, that investment is good for at least 5 years.

Our solution is much less expensive than the Cloud. The cost of the hardware & software is roughly the cost of 1 year of Cloud hosting fees. Years 2-5 are pure profit for Cloud providers.

We always watch our clients' bottom line.

Need a different IT support experience? Experience the difference from the first phone call.

Call us today! (949) 837-5000

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