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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Surviving & Thriving - in Life & in Business

25 years ago, in January, my husband & partner, Frank Halsema, was diagnosed with Leukemia, ALL to be exact. Misdiagnosed for 6 months, the only reason he was correctly diagnosed was because I, his wife, started calling his doctors and told them that I thought my husband was dying and nobody was paying attention.

He was scheduled for a stress test the next day. One of his doctors noticed that he never had a CBC test. He was given a CBC and was immediately admitted to the hospital. His doctors never believed he would leave the hospital. Those were agonizing days and nights.

But a miracle happened. He was immediately responsive to the blood fusions and the chemotherapy and left the hospital 6 days later. He was in remission and never fell out of remission from that day forward.

It was an intense journey that would take a year. At the City of Hope, Frank had his bone marrow transplant in May (his brother was an exact match), It would be a very long road back to health - that he still, to this day, battles every day.

He never thought he would see his daughters graduate high school. He has been there for both college graduations in Arizona & Alabama. He has persevered throughout his illness & his recovery - with dignity and no complaints.

A little interesting sidebar: Frank's brother was a commander of a nuclear submarine and was scheduled to go on a secret mission at this time. He actually met with the Vice President about the situation - as he wanted to be tested as a potential donor for Frank. He ended up getting tested and was not a match.

He is my husband and my partner, and he turns 59 next week. We are very fortunate.


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