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Pick Up Your Phone & Call

Avoid Sophisticated Phishing Scams...

Every day we hear more high profile cases of successful phishing scams, whether it is Puerto Rico or Barbara Corcoran (who actually got her cash back - good for her). And they're getting big paydays - from $100,000's to millions. These hackers are getting to know your key company employees & vendors in various ways i.e. hacking your email & learning their respective styles, and through your corporate websites.

If one of your existing vendors emails a change in bank accounts - pick up a phone and call them. Do no accept letterhead changes. Letterhead is easy to duplicate.

And if a principal of your company asks for a large amount of money to be paid to a new vendor or another party unknown to you - pick up the phone and call the owner to verify.

Always look at the email address carefully for discrepancies. But, even then, if you're unsure, pick up the phone.

Bottom line: Do not accept email notifications to wire large amounts of cash, period. Do the old fashioned thing & pick up the phone.


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