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Managing O365

And Lowering The Costs Associated With O365

O365 has become wildly successful in the corporate world. Everyone is drinking the Kool-aid. I am not a fan of O365. The primary reason is cost. The monthly subscription cost is much higher than an on-premise Exchange solution. O365 eliminates certain problems but introduces others - such as slow IT support; & if you choose to leave O365 to an on-premise Exchange solution, it is extremely difficult. We did it for one client, but it took a long time.

Managing O365

Subscription-based models are all the rage because of one reason...businesses are earning much more than selling their products, such as MS Exchange on-premise. With O365, I estimate 60% higher costs over a five year period which is the life of an on-premise solution.

Manage Your O365 Monthly Billing

Managing the Number of Users

First & foremost, your business should have an on-boarding & off-boarding process for users. Your user count should be your employee count. Without exception, we have brought in new clients using O365 and have found excess licenses on their portal.

Some clients had just a couple of excess licenses, but we had one client with over 300 excess users. They did not manage their bill and just kept on adding new licenses & not properly terminating the license for past employees. They were paying thousands more per month than necessary. These costs can quickly add up if not managed properly.

Recommend Not Purchasing O365 With MS Office

With O365, the challenge is getting your monthly cost/user as low as possible. Purchasing your MS Office Licenses for your desktop/laptop will save you money versus purchasing the license through O365. Again, getting your cost/user as low as possible will save you significantly over a 5 year period.

And you have the added bonus of not having to learn every new iteration of Excel or Word that Microsoft puts out. Saving money & less aggravation - a winning plan!

Backing Up O365

O365 is a bit tricky when it comes to archiving email. There is a license that backups & archives your email - the license is called legal hold at $20/user/month - but lower license types are not being backed up. We came up with a less expensive alternative.

Barracuda not only provides a more robust spam filter to help with Microsoft's "not so great" spam filter, but it also has the ability to backup & archive your email at a less expensive cost/user than legal hold. In case of a lawsuit, your email could be key for your defense. And you just want to make sure that your O365 is archived for that reason. #O365 #ManagingO365 #LoweringO365Cost #ArchivingO365Email


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