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How Much Will Our IT Support Cost

Our IT Support Costs 20% to 30% Than Traditional Managed Services

Customized Programs - Our IT Support Model is flexible to meet our clients' needs & expectations.

- Time & Materials

- Fixed Price Monthly Plans

- Fixed Price Projects

We offer IT support plans to fit your budget with a model that meets expectations but also feels comfortable.

$145/Hour Our 24/7 Corporate Time & Materials Rate

$125/hour Our 24/7 Non-profit Rate

$95/hour Desktop Support for + 50 Desktops

Our Unique Model

Our engineers bill in 15 minute increments & do not charge for travel. The majority of our IT support is onsite. And all of our engineers are Tier 3 engineers, even for desktop support. In our experience, Tier 1 & 2 engineers take twice as long to finish a task, leaving clients frustrated.

Some clients have fixed engagements every week, some call when they need help. Again, it's up to you how we support your company. And if you need more or less time with your fixed engagement, just call our office. Our resource manager will revise the schedule in accordance to your requirements.

Saving Money

Our Time & Materials support costs approximately 20% to 30% less than monthly subscription-based pricing because your company only pays us if we are working. And our IT support is completed mainly onsite at your business. We still believe this is a relationship business. Our onsite support builds trust & strong relationships with our clients.

24/7 Monitoring

$25/server/month - physical servers

$ 5/server/month - virtual servers

$ 5/desktop/month

The only time there is an additional charge is if there is an alarm that requires our attention, for example, a failing hard drive. But, to be honest, alarms are rare because we do our job correctly - with redundant parts, power conditioning, keeping equipment up-to-date.

Fixed Price Projects: For large projects such as server upgrades, inSync offers "do not exceed" fixed price estimates. We only bill for labor up to the maximum estimate, if the labor takes less time, we only bill for labor that is earned. And, because our clients remain for years, when your server solution ages out after 5+ years, we help our clients budget for their upcoming upgrade.

Primary Engineer Assigned: And, although we work as a team, we assign every client a primary engineer. The engineer assigned provides the majority of the onsite support for your business, from maintenance to upgrades.

We find that having consistency with your IT support provides better IT support service, and costs less because they are thoroughly familiar with your IT environment. But we work as a team. Your business receives personalized IT service with a company of engineers behind the scenes contributing to overall technical excellence of your IT infrastructure.

Specializing in Small & Medium-sized Businesses:

We believe that investing in your infrastructure is an important aspect to keeping labor costs down. Because once we set up your server(s), automate your local & remote backups and provide 24/7 monitoring...there is very little ongoing IT support required.

Our Purchasing Department:

We also have a purchasing department to purchase all of your hardware and software. This is a choice, it is not mandatory, but 99% of our clients use our service. We purchase a lot of hardware & software so we get discounted pricing but we do put 5% to 10% on our purchases to cover overhead.

Complete transparency is what we offer & no surprise invoices because our clients always know if we are billing...because we inform them beforehand.

Hosting Services - We Do Not

We do not host any servers or services for our clients. We do not believe that this is in our clients best interest. There are many enterprise Cloud options for our clients. We recommend cost-effective solutions but it is on your credit card. Again, our clients remain with us because they love our services, not because we entrap them.

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