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Being Better Prepared to Work Remotely

Updated: Jun 15

It's time to consider a paperless solution.

For the past fifteen years, inSync Computer Solutions has been a paperless company. We eliminated all of our file cabinets. All of our information, A/P, A/R, Financials, Contracts, Human Resources - are all saved on our server and are remotely backed up for business continuity.

Laserfiche is the product that we chose after much due diligence. It creates enterprise content management, business process automation, workflow, records management, & automates document imaging

It is an extremely secure solution. Laserfiche restricts access to sensitive information, only allowing individuals access where needed. And it allows for proper document retention.

But the real reason we love this product, is that it automates scanning of repetitive documents, looking for key areas to sort by - such as check number, payee, & date - and it is extremely easy to use. We had high school students scanning in our historical documents.

There were many other options that offered complex solutions. The reason that "easy to use" is so important, is that your clerical staff will be scanning the documents. And we have seen many cases where document imaging solutions were purchased but never used, because the learning curve was too high.

It may be time for your company to consider a paperless solution so, while working remotely, your employees could access all of their documents required to do their job, creating more efficiency.

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