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A Trusted IT Partner

A Family Business.

My husband & I started inSync Computer Solutions back in 1994. We run our company a bit differently than other IT companies. Our priority - not our bottom line. Our priority is to provide the best IT services & solutions for our clients, cost-effectively.

Given our goal:

Not Subscription-Based Business - We find our Time & Materials model is 20% to 30% less expensive than traditional Managed Service Companies.

For Large Migrations & Projects - We examine the 5 year fiscal impact of our IT solutions for our clients. We also provide fixed price "do not exceed" labor estimates. If it takes less labor to complete a project, the lesser amount is billed. However we never bill over the fixed price estimate to finish a project.

Budgeting for Large Projects - We help our clients anticipate server or network infrastructure upgrades with 6 to 12 months advance notice including a proposal to discuss viable options.

Non-Profits - We provide a $20/hour discount for non-profits.

Our Billing Practices - We rarely have billing disputes - our clients are always made aware when we are working on their systems.

For Cloud subscriptions - Our clients put their credit card on file. We never pass through these expenses on our account because we do not feel this is in your best interest. Your Cloud subscriptions are in your name.

For Hardware & Software Purchases - We have a maximum 5% to 10% margin on our purchases to cover overhead. Our honest & transparent business practices means that our clients' trust us & there are very few surprises.

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1994. 

In a Crowded Field, Longevity Counts.

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Thank you for considering inSync as your IT Partner.

We appreciate the opportunity to present our unique model for IT Support & Services.

Flexible Contract Terms.  Professional Engineers.  Customized Support.

Email:  Karen Bessette

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