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Guaranteeing a smooth transition from your IT partner


Our on-boarding process assures our new clients a clean transition from their former IT company.  It’s difficult to define a specific length of time for the client onboarding process because it depends on the type and complexity of your IT infrastructure & business you run. Our first priority is locking down your physical & virtual environment by securing your physical assets & data.

The First Step:  Locking Your Environment by Changing Passwords & Reviewing Firewall Rules

Your company should always have access to your current passwords.  Increasingly we are finding that IT providers are refusing to provide the passwords to your devices.  That is not our practice.

Depending on the circumstances, once the engagement begins, we secure your IT environment from unauthorized outside access by changing the passwords of your firewall, hardware & software...

In general, the passwords required include:

  • Domain Administration

  • Local Administration

  • Firewall(s)

  • O365 Admin or Other Email Hosting Service

  • NAS System Management Credentials

  • Software Applications

  • Software Licensing or Digital Asset Management Credentials (i.e.GoDaddy)

  • Wireless Access Points

Our process normally starts with a free audit of your IT infrastructure.  The goal is to have a fairly clear snapshot of the health and security of your corporate IT environment.  Click here for details of our IT audit.

We assign a primary senior enterprise-level engineer to your account.  Acting as your IT manager, he or she becomes the expert on your IT infrastructure - suggesting ways to make your environment more redundant & secure.

We review your IT environment based on the findings of our free audit.  There may be unresolved problems with your current IT assets & infrastructure.  Based on our free IT audit & assessment, we put together a proposal to address the IT issues.  We also work with your decision-makers on budgetary concerns and priorities.

We provide a 24/7/365 Cloud-based monitoring solution for $25/server/month.  In case of a problem with your server or environment, we are immediately aware there is an issue & troubleshoot for minimal interruptions of service.

Backup Strategy includes on & offsite backups checked daily.  We archive data quarterly & annually.  We provide isolated snapshots of data, if you purchase a NAS drive, to protect against ransomware threats. More Details>

Cyber Security

We make sure there is, at least, a minimum of security including firewall, VPN remote access, antivirus solutions...More Details>

Our On-boarding Process Assures a Smooth Transition


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Thank you for considering inSync as your IT Partner.

We appreciate the opportunity to present our unique model for IT support & services. Please contact us for more information on our services & to schedule your free IT infrastructure Audit.

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