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Our Unique Business Model

It Starts With...

Building strong, personal relationships with our clients has always been our model.   Your dedicated senior engineer(s) provide the majority of your IT support onsite.  They become the experts on your IT environment. 

Our Engineers

We only employ tier 3 & 4 engineers with 7 to 30 years of experience.  We look for that elusive engineer that has excellent technical skills, can communicate well with our clients, has integrity, & is friendly.  And when we that magic mix, we work hard to retain them.  It provides our clients consistent IT support with their dedicated engineers.

Our Cost Versus Benefit Approach to Technology Decisions.

Our loyalty is always for our clients, not a technology.  For instance, we use the Cloud thoughtfully.  We look at 5 year solutions, on premise, private & public cloud,  that are robust, redundant, from the best manufacturers, & priced appropriately given the requirements, company size, & future growth.

Proactive IT Support

Providing our clients proactive management & maintenance is key to the 24/7/365 uptime that we achieve with our clients.  When hardware & software upgrades are required, we provide fixed price proposals months in advance so your business can budget for these expenditures.  But every 5 years we encourage our clients to upgrade their hardware so it is current, robust & stable.

Cyber Security

Our cyber security strategy provides multi-layers of hardware & software to successfully protect & secure our clients' data.  

Backup & Recovery:

We setup automated local & Cloud backups, & check daily to ensure your backups are successful.  The Cloud backup is isolated from your IT environment which also protects against Ransomware.

Building the Foundation of Your environment

We provide best in class hardware & software solutions for the foundation of your IT environment - appropriate for the size & complexity of your company.  Our solutions have at least a 5 year life.

Looking Out for Your Best Interests

All of your hardware, software & Cloud services are owned by your business.  We don't lease hardware or software, or have a private Cloud for our clients.  We feel remaining autonomous from your IT service provider is in your best interest & better for your budget.

Our Clients are Our First Priority

And we have amazing customer service.  We are not just another IT company.  We care about our clients.  So when you call us, we are there.  Our phones are answered by our resource manager who can quickly get your business help with an emergency, or just set an appointment with your engineer.

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