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Our Onboarding Process


We begin the process of managing, protecting & securing your IT environment on day 1.

Securing Your Network

Administrative Passwords

It's in your best interest to have all of your administrative passwords.  Our role is to lock out your current MSP by changing the passwords & making sure they do not have remote access to your network.  We would also review the firewall configurations to limit access to your network.

Passwords & Other Documents Required to Secure Your Network:

  • Domain Administrator Account username and password

    1. If client is not on a domain we will need admin usernames and passwords for each workstation

    2. Ideally a temporary domain admin account would be created for our use and disabled after we are finished with the audit


  • Admin usernames and passwords for the following items:

    1. Firewall

    2. Switches (if managed)

    3. Wireless Infrastructure (Ubiquiti, Cisco, WatchGuard, etc…)

    4. Server Hardware Management (iDRAC, iLO, etc..)

    5. Onsite backup systems like network attached storage

    6. Offsite backup systems (AWS, Azure, Carbonite, Backblaze, etc…)

    7. Anti-Virus software management portal (if any)


  • A copy of your most recent internet service provider bill

    1. Used to review speeds, etc, and check for pricing abnormalities

A complimentary network infrastructure audit, & internal & external vulnerability scans are performed.

Our IT audit & vulnerability scans provides a snapshot of your current network environment & any potential vulnerabilities.  We recommend a meeting be set, between your team & ours, to discuss the results if necessary.  Hardware & software proposals will be on hand if replacements are recommended.  Learn more

We meet to present the results of the audit & scans with your decisionmakers.  Steps to remediate weaknesses discovered are discussed if necessary.  If hardware & software is recommended, we provide a proposal & priorities are discussed.

Our State of the Art Endpoint Security Platform with 24/7/365 Cyber Security Monitoring is Installed.

​Our chief security officer is always looking for state-of-the-art information security solutions to offer our clients.  We have an excellent track record  protecting & securing our clients from internal & external threats.  Our new endpoint solution provides a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (S0C).  Their AI interface monitors all of the activity on your workstations, physical & virtual servers...If suspicious activity is detected, the device is immediately isolated from the network.


Key functions include:

  • 24/7/365 Security Operations Center Operations (SOC)

  • 24/7/365 Threat Monitoring, Detection & Response

  • AI-Powered Monitoring

  • Complete Response & Auto-Remediation

  • Remote Monitoring & Management

  • Digital Forensics & Incident Response

  • Compliance Services

It's the gold standard for cyber security.

A Dedicated Resource is Assigned to Your Business.

For our SMB clients, our business model provides a dedicated senior engineer to your business who becomes the expert on your IT environment.  We believe this best emulates having an internal IT department.  


But your business is never reliant on a single resource.  For difficult, hard to diagnose problems, our team works together seamlessly to solve problems.  We support all of your technology &, what we don't know, we learn.

For enterprise clients, we provide a dedicated project manager who seamlessly works with your company to provide the best resources to manage & maintain your technical environment.

24/7/365 Proactive Network Monitoring

When equipment starts to fail or databases run out of space, our software solution monitors & analyzes the critical performance metrics of your network infrastructure.  When thresholds are met, alerts are sent to our team to investigate & remediate if necessary.

Component failure can result in costly downtime.  Our monitoring system minimizes potential downtime.  We rarely have emergencies with our clients but, when you need us, we are there.  Remote support within minutes.  Onsite support guaranteed in 2 hours.

Our onboarding process allows us to deep dive into your network environment & gain ownership.


And it also provides your business an opportunity to collaboratively work with us on  your IT environment.

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