The decision on which path to take may seem overwhelming. In the past, Exchange paired with Outlook as the email client, meaning that organizations got the full package. The only decision to make was which version of Exchange to support. With Microsoft’s new model, there are stark differences between Exchange 2019 and Office 365.


The main reasons to choose Exchange 2019 deal with your expectations in the following areas:

  • How well do you trust the cloud?
    There are organizations that simply don’t trust the cloud or they need to have control over everything on the mail server, such as overseeing the encryption of data at rest.

  • Do you need real-time availability to your information?
    For example, if your company depends heavily on log analytics, Exchange 2019 provides them in real time, but Office 365 requires 24 hours before you can access them.

  • Do you need instantaneous support?
    Since your organization has access to your mail servers with Exchange 2019, your in-house team can troubleshoot and gather information if a server has any issues.  With Office 365, you are dependent on Microsoft's support team and when they can fix the problem.

  • Is cost a factor?
    With Exchange 2019 your investment is in a bare-bones product, while Office 365 is investing for a license in a product suite. You may not even use everything that Office 365 has to offer but you will still have to pay for it.

    A rule of thumb - for extremely small businesses, it is cost-effective by eliminating a server & licensing.  But for businesses with 25 users or more, it ends up being 3 to 4 times more expensive than an on-premise solution over a five year period.  So the collaborative tools that O365 offers, have to provide an advantage to your business & how it operates, to justify the cost.

    When we propose a new server solution, it is a 5+ year solution, and it has to be compared to O365 over a five year period.  There is a reason that subscription-based businesses are prevalent - and it's not because they are more cost-effective!

Office 365 provides benefits for companies as well. For companies interested in migrating to Office 365 consider these questions:

  • Do you want to buy into a collaborative ecosystem?
    The Office 365 suite focuses heavily on collaboration tools such as Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint that make it easier for your employees to work together.

  • Are you looking for a suite of products?
    Office 365 offers the traditional Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with an entirely new set of solutions that help business productivity. Your company will be have access to future products and feature enhancements as well.

Office 365 Versus MS Exchange

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