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IT Services for Manufacturing Companies

A Trusted IT Partner Since 1994.

Our team of engineers live throughout LA & Orange Counties to provide responsive onsite IT support for our clients.

Specialized IT Services for Manufacturers

As your manufacturing company grows, increased technology demands & complexity can overwhelm an internal IT department with limited resources.  More manufacturers are turning to outsourcing their IT services.  inSync is a professional IT Services Company with 29 years of experience. 


We do not employ "techs".  We employ a professional & seasoned team of engineers to help power your company forward.  Our team understands the science behind information technology.  

Our expertise includes enterprise information technology, project management, software development, report writing, database management, cyber security & compliance.  We can assist internal resources or provide 100% of your IT support. 

And we have years of experience in manufacturing but every business is different & has unique applications.  We learn those applications with guidance from your support contracts.  All of your technology will be supported.


Proactive IT Management

Your Team of inSync Engineers

Your manufacturing company will have a professional & seasoned project manager with all of our resources at their disposal to provide the right combination for your company.   Our project managers knows how to handle problems that manufacturing companies commonly have with their IT infrastructure. 


Your engineering team will be assigned to your company to provide consistent IT support.  They become the experts on your IT environment.  We make sure our team's skillsets are closely aligned to your IT environment.


IT Infrastructure Audit & Vulnerability Scans

We start every engagement with an IT infrastructure audit, & an internal/external vulnerability scan.  The results of the audit & scans allows us to approach your network from a place of knowledge. 


We then collaborate with your decisionmakers & our team to see whether remediation is necessary, & whether hardware & software is required.  We will have a fixed price proposal, in hand, to discuss if necessary.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Our next priority is to setup 24/7/365 monitoring for all of your critical assets.  It takes time for hardware to fail.  With our 24/7/365 monitoring solution, our team will get email warnings for failing hardware.  This provides us the time to replace parts or assets before a business disruption occurs. 

We also monitor your virtual servers, databases...for problems with RAM, slowness, hard drive restrictions...Less downtime & unplanned outages mean that your business will benefit from higher productivity.

Cyber Security Support

As your business grows, your cybersecurity requirements do as well.  We provide a managed, enterprise-level security platform with next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection, encryption, two-factor authentication, single sign-on solutions, security awareness training for your staff & more.

Our new offering provides a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) which is an endpoint solution with AI-powered prevention, detection, response & threat hunting across user endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, & IoT devices.  AI monitors your activity throughout your network.  If unusual activity is detected, a series of emails are sent out with the following titles:

New Active Threat

Incident Status Changed

Quarantine Performed Successfully

Kill Performed Successfully

Note Added

If any action is required by us, they immediately call us.  It's a game changer for cyber security, & very exciting.

Mobile Device Management

When employees bring their computing devices to work, they must be used securely. The same is true when they work from their mobile devices offsite. Mobile Device Management (MDM) ensures that your workforce will use their device in a secure and controlled manner. It can locate, wipe or lock a stolen or lost device, thereby protecting your data.


Desktop Support

Our desktop support is performed 90% onsite by your seasoned & professional team of engineers.  We believe there is value in getting to know your employees & seeing, first hand, the problems they are experiencing.  Our team has at least 7+years of experience & quickly resolve problems, not escalate tickets.

Example:  We reduced one of our clients tickets from a sustained 150 to 30.  We resolved slowness issues by:

Increasing their Internet to a uniform 1GB (one location only had 20MB);

Increasing the the number of Citrix Servers as well as the RAM;

Replacing old thin clients;

Replacing old wireless access points;

Replacing old switches;

Providing a fresh instance of Microsoft Server 2022 resolving underlying corruption from existing server.


These are not easy problems to diagnose.  That's why your seasoned team of professionals provides desktop support.  But that being said, a more cost-effective solution may be to keep your desktop support & for inSync to provide the enterprise IT support for your business.  Learn more

Our Instant Response for Emergencies.

If an engineer is onsite, the response is immediate.  If remote, IT support is within minutes, with a guaranteed onsite presence within 2 hours.  But with our proactive IT support, we rarely have emergencies.

Strategic Technology Consulting & Planning

All industries benefit from advances in technology.  The process for developing a strategic technology plan is no small undertaking, even though it’s a worthwhile exercise. 


It requires a project champion to spearhead the effort, buy in from executive management & department heads, and considerable planning.  The plan’s process can be divided into five distinct stages:


Establish a steering committee & brainstorm

Review your current setup

Interview key individuals

Analyze & assess the data

Prioritize plans


We believe strategic planning is key to budgeting upgrades & benefits your continued success.


We Offer 2 Contract Options:

Fixed price contract
An annual commitment based on the # of desktops, physical & virtual servers.

Time & Materials

Billable in 15 minute increments with no annual commitment.


Our Customer Service is Unsurpassed in Our Industry.

Our phones are always immediately answered by our qualified staff from 8am to 6pm.

For emergencies, remote IT support within minutes, guaranteed onsite presence within 2 hours.

And an engineer is on call for off hours emergencies.


And We Continue to Believe This is a Relationship Business.
Our model encourages our staff to build mutually beneficial relationships with our valued clients.


What We Don't Do

We do not host your apps nor lease hardware or software.  Your Cloud servers are charged to your credit card.
We believe this is in your best interest & a cost savings for your business.

Project Support or IT Consulting Support

There may be times when your IT staff needs an extra pair of hands or help with special projects.  Those type of projects can be done on an hourly basis or, if the scope is clearly defined, on a fixed price basis.  Learn More

What About Co-Managed IT Support

If your business has 100 employees or more, & you're concerned about the cost of fully managed IT services, keep your full-time desktop support.  We can support your enterprise IT environment.


This cost-effective approach combines the skill sets of your desktop team with our team of IT professionals.  And we can help your desktop support team bring those tickets down to a manageable level.

Or we can augment your desktop support, for short periods of time, to help your desktop team reduce tickets or after an upgrade.  It's a completely flexible plan.

Our enterprise IT support is often performed onsite as well.  But for server updates or off hours work, much of that work is performed remotely.  Good news!  With the fixed price MSP contract, all labor is covered.  With the Time & Materials contract, our billable rate is fixed & includes off hours support.


Our team is very easy to work with.

Call us today!

Co-Managed IT Support
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