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inSync Computer Solutions managed services model is unique  in our industry.  We tailor our services to fit your business needs & use your current technical solutions.  We don't host any of your applications, including email, because we feel it is in your best interest to remain independent from us, your MSP.

Our contracts are all inclusive including upgrades, onsite & off hours IT support.  We avoid "surprise" invoices by meeting all of your budgetary & business requirements within the scope of a single contract. 

Our goal is to have long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients.  And we accomplish that with honest & transparent business transactions, while protecting & securing your IT environment.

To meet our goal:  What we do differently, from our competition, to benefit our clients:

  • Every engagement starts with a free IT audit.
    A high level audit which includes servers, IT security, understand the strengths & weaknesses in your current environment, & proposals to address concerns.
  • The majority of our IT support is onsite, at your business location(s).  
    Being onsite allows our engineers to see problems first-hand that your users are experiencing  -  to solve technical issues quickly.
  • A dedicated resource - a senior engineer - is assigned to every client.
    The engineer chosen has a skillset that is closely aligned with your IT environment, & becomes the expert on your IT infrastructure, & helps build valuable relationships with your decision makers & staff.
  • All of our desktop support is provided by tier 3 & 4 engineers.
    Solving desktop support tickets quickly, without escalating tickets to more advanced engineers, saves our clients time, money & frustration, increasing productivity.
  • Our engineers work together, as a team, to solve difficult to diagnose problems.
    Our IT engineering team is smart, experienced, & excellent problem solvers.
  • To save your business money, we work with your current technology.
    Upgrading systems only when they are beyond their useful life or for a valid business reason.
  • Recommended Cloud services are provided by proven, third party Cloud providers such as AWS.
    We do not host any services for our clients.  We believe it is in your best interest to remain independent from your MSP.
  • As your IT partner, inSync adds value by always looking out for your bottom line.
    Avoiding expensive, big ticket mistakes by forecasting the 5 year anticipated expense of our proposed solutions.
  • We build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.
    And we do it the old fashioned way by providing personalized service, transparent business practices, excellent technical support, & always keeping our word. 

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A Trusted IT Partner & Resource for 28 Years.


We provide "State of the Union" IT meetings for C-level execs.

We report on the current state of your IT infrastructure, recommend hardware & software upgrades that may be required, as well as projected costs of the upgrades.  We explore business problems that may be solved with technology, and discuss additional ways to cut unnecessary repetitive costs to decrease your annual IT overhead. 

Our cost versus benefit approach to technology.
Is technology costing more every year?  As your IT partner, one of our major roles is to watch your bottom line & avoid costly technical solutions. We have seen some pretty extreme examples of IT companies or internal employees putting their clients/employers at risk financially with Cloud solutions.

One extreme example:  A company with 50 employees was being invoiced for over $35,000/month by Cloud providers.  No employees were remote.  We purchased a cluster solution for $100,000 & migrated all of their data, from 5 different Cloud providers, to their onsite solution saving $2 million over the 5 year life of their server solution.



The three tiers of service we provide your business:

1. Proactive IT:
Strategic evaluation, tactical planning & budgeting for technology upgrades that provides flexibility and scalability.

2. Preventative IT:
24/7 cloud-based monitoring solution to immediately identify problems before operations are disrupted.

3. Responsive IT:
Our resource team is there when you need us most.  We always answer our telephone & email within minutes so that emergencies can be addressed immediately, either remotely or onsite.  But, if we're doing our job right, & we do, there are literally very few emergencies.


Silver Managed Services Package

An Annual Contract

This remote support contract program offers:​

  • Unlimited Remote Support for IT Infrastructure: all hardware software, data...

  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Management

  • Including Event Logs, Log files, drive space, hardware failures, outages...​

  • Proactive IT Support

  • IT Security

  • Regularly Scheduled Backups​

  • Firewall & Switch Management

  • Antivirus Protection for Servers & Desktops

  • Monthly Server & Desktop Security Updates

  • User Administration & Decommissioning

  • License & Inventory Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Purchasing Hardware & Software

The silver package does not cover onsite support which would be billed at our Time & Materials rate.  For projects not covered by the contract, such as upgrading servers, we provide a "Do Not Exceed" fixed price quote which caps the maximum amount that can be invoiced but, if it takes less time, then we charge only for the time worked.

There is no charge for travel time & no surcharge on our hourly rate for off-hours IT support.

Gold Managed Services Package

An Annual Contract

Includes all of the services in the Silver Package and:

  • Unlimited Onsite IT Support

  • After Hours IT Support

  • Hardware & Software Upgrades

  • Includes Desktop & Server Upgrades

The Gold Package is designed to be all inclusive providing value & a consistent monthly fixed price.