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Searching for A New Mac Partner & A Trusted Technical Resource?

For the past 26 years, our ability to weather change and successfully expand our business through difficult recessions & in an intensely crowded field, is largely due to our clients' loyalty.  Quite simply, our clients' trust us. 


We are a Southern California leader in information technology with best-in-class IT support engineers - talented & innovative.  We also watch your bottom line.  We sell great technology priced within your budget.  The Result?  Our clients are more profitable, they're happy with our services, & they remain for years.  It's a simple formula that works." Karen Bessette, Partner

Operating a Successful Business is a Team Effort.

Allow Us to Join Your Team!




Microsoft Windows Server, Apple MacOS, Linux


How We Save Our Clients Money:

Our Cost Versus Benefit Approach With No High Monthly Maintenance Fees.  We Are Not a Subscription-based Business.
We work on a Time & Materials basis, for large projects we provide "Do Not Exceed" fixed price quotes.  Why is this an advantage?  Our clients are only billed if we are working on your account.  If we are not working on your account, there is no charge.  Our model costs, on average, 20 to 30% less than subscription-based managed services models.

With Uniform Labor Rates 24/7

There is no surcharge for off hours work.  This saves our clients a lot of money on emergency support or large projects such as server upgrades, network changes or performing Windows Server updates...when it is essential to minimize downtime & requires off-hours work.

24/7 Server Monitoring for $25/Server/Month.
The only time there is an additional charge is if our monitoring solution detects a problem.  But this is rare, and you are always informed beforehand that there is a problem prior to the work being done.  It's part of our "No Surprise Invoice" policy.

Part of our job is to watch your bottom line. 
inSync doesn't blindly put clients into an IT solution that, over the course of five years, is too cost prohibitive and hurts their bottom line.  Our job is to provide options.  Sometimes the best option is one that solves a problem and allows our client to thrive financially.  Learn More About Our Approach - A Case Study

What We Do Better...& Why Our Clients Remain for Years:

Our Clients Always Maintain Control Over Their Servers, Systems, Email, Security & Data.
inSync believes that keeping our clients as independent as possible from their IT provider is in the clients' best interest.  For that reason, we do not host any of your servers, backups, email...

Our Clients Maintain Possession of their Administrative Passwords.
Your passwords are the key to your systems and it belongs in your possession.  We've experienced many companies being held hostage by their IT companies by not giving their clients their passwords.  It's just not our model.

We Protect, Back up & Document Our Clients Networks & IT Assets.
We properly secure our clients networks from internal & external threats, and provide a robust daily, or more, backup of your server(s).  The backup is checked daily, for each client, free of charge.  And we  carefully document your network.

Our Clients are Always Informed, Ahead of Time, if IT Support is Required.
If a monitoring alert requires immediate attention, we always let our clients' know that we are working on it beforehand.  It's part of our "no surprise" policy for our clients.  For major upgrades, we provide "do not exceed" labor estimates which fixes the maximum amount of money required for the upgrade.

We Provide 24/7 Emergency Support.
For emergencies, we guarantee remote support within minutes, & if onsite support is required, our engineer is onsite within 2 hours. 

We Have Amazing Customer Service.
We know the frustration of unanswered telephone calls.  Our talented resource manager is always available to answer our clients' phone calls.  Whether to set an appointment or get immediate resources, our clients' concerns are always immediately handled.

And We Assign One of Our Elite Senior Engineers to Handle Your Account.
There is no revolving doors of engineers onsite at your business.  Your engineer acts as your IT manager - solving your IT issues, upgrading your technology...So not only do you get to know your engineer, but he becomes the expert on your IT environment.  We choose the engineer based on his skill set, to make sure it closely aligns with your internal technology.

The Majority of Our IT Support is Performed Onsite.
We believe there is value in building relationships with our clients, & understanding the issues users are having first-hand.  Remote IT support is always available for emergencies, quick fixes, desktop support...

We Quickly Resolve Complex Problems With Our Many Internal Resources.
We have the internal resources to solve complex networking issues, database problems, software issues...all of our resources are employees, we do not use contractors.  In the end, we want to control the quality of our projects, from beginning to end.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or have 500+ employees, we'll create a strategy that's right for your organization & your budget.  Learn More



Our goal is to make your company safe & secure with a customized implementation of a multi-layered, end-to-end security solution to minimize internal & external risks.  inSync's security strategy prevents unauthorized access to your organizational assets such as servers, computers, networks, & data.  We help maintain & protect the integrity & confidentiality of sensitive information, blocking access from sophisticated hackers.  We also help our clients' navigate complex regulatory requirements.





inSync has built hundreds of custom mobile, web & server applications over the years.  But where we shine, is taking on projects that have stalled or faltered, and completing the application.  We have extensive front-end & back-end development expertise.  Our software developers create a great user experience for employees, vendors & customers, depending upon the project.

Automating complex manual processes is another area that we shine.  Our custom software improves workflow & accuracy, while reducing overhead.





The design & creation of a modern, high availability database architecture is a process that should involve the whole enterprise, stimulating new ways of thinking, creating an opportunity to collaborate & plan for data/information requirements.  It’s a unique opportunity for decision makers to sit down with IT & internal staff, to figure out what information they need to propel their business forward, & what needs to be done to capture & harness that information. 






inSync offers affordable desktop support with fixed price versus time & materials options.  No long-term contracts & we only require 7 days notice to increase or decrease our level of support.  Our desktop support is onsite to immediately help employees so disruptions are kept to a minimum, & productivity is quickly restored.  We also offer remote support for emergencies.

We have an internal ticketing system, or we can use your system, the options is yours.  To keep costs to a minimum, some clients have a gatekeeper so that remote support is used for emergencies only, knowing that onsite support is scheduled.

Our Engineers:  We do not hire desktop engineers.  We hire Junior Network Engineers, experienced with desktops, servers, firewalls, networking...The reason:  desktop engineers take twice as long to solve problems because of lack of experience.  And our clients are not happy with slow problem resolution.



A Laserfiche VAR for 20 years, we help our clients achieve their goals, from simple to extremely complex, with Laserfiche.  Our network, database & programming skills all come in to play when successfully integrating this sophisticated solution.



For corporate enterprises with in-house IT, we are called to either supplement internal expertise or to help with projects because in-house personnel are over tasked.  Our special projects vary, but it may be a server upgrade, IT security audit, wireless solutions, or Cloud migrations...or even desktop support or upgrades.  It just depends on the needs & requirements of the client.


First & foremost, it's our team of engineers.  When shopping for a new IT company, there is a great deal of emphasis on cost.  However, the engineers that support your business are just as crucial to a successful partnership as keeping your costs down.  And we succeed in both.


Our engineers are carefully chosen for their:

  • Excellence in information technology;

  • Commitment to continuing education - to expand their areas of expertise & refine their diagnostic skills;

  • Ability to build successful relationships & communicate well with our clients;

  • Work ethic & Integrity;

  • Respect that they show our clients, the key employees & staff members.


Our engineers eliminate our clients' technical problems, provide firm fixed price bids to upgrade hardware, software & labor, look for new inexpensive technology to solve business problems, & never surprise their clients with an unexpected expense or invoice.  The result, quite simply, is our clients trust our engineers & the integrity of our company.


From our inception, we have always believed that looking out for our clients' best interests, is also in our best interest.  And, as a result, our clients remain for years, some for 25 years.

Mac Support for So-Cal Businesses



"We have used inSync's services for years supporting our desktops, servers, and networking equipment."


"They are always professional, forward thinking and work with us as a true partner bringing creative solutions to the table."

— Eric Rosenzweig, CTO

SoupPlantation Corporate Headquarters

"Surrex Solutions Corporation contracted with inSync to bridge an IT manpower gap.  I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the entire team from contracting through delivery.  Moreover, I believe that InSync delivered tremendous value to Surrex." 

"I am more than happy to recommend inSync to anyone seeking their services."

—Ben Pumphrey, COO

Surrex Solution Corporation

"We use inSync for our business to install new systems, troubleshoot problems, and handle all of our PCI Compliance requirements."


"LIFE. SAVER.  Great company. Awesome, fast customer service."

— Tracie Manes, Controller
StorAmerica, 84 Locations

Family Owned & Operated Since 1994. 

In a Crowded Field, Longevity Counts.

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Thank you for considering inSync as your IT Partner.

We appreciate the opportunity to present our unique model for IT Support & Services.

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