We start every engagement with a free consultation & IT audit, to discover vulnerabilities before they become problems.

Our IT audit includes the health and age of the following IT infrastructure assets:

  • Server(s):
    Examining error logs, configuration, amount of data, available storage, updates...

  • Backup Solution:
    Onsite & remote backup solution, backup schema, archiving, daily notifications...

  • Cyber security:
    Firewall make, model & configuration, wireless, remote access, antivirus...

  • Power Solution:
    Uninterrupted power supply to protect hardware from power fluctuations & outages

  • Routers & switches
    To determine the health of the network infrastructure.

  • Documentation:
    Examine documentation of network infrastructure including labeling of assets


If there are areas of concern that requires redress, we consult with you & address the concerns with a fixed price proposal (hardware, software & labor).  If requested, we also prioritize items for budgetary purposes.

In general, we require the following information for the audit:

Domain Administrator Account username and password

  1. Ideally a temporary domain admin account would be created for our audit and disabled after the audit is finalized.

Admin usernames and passwords for the following items:

  1. Firewall

  2. Managed Switches

  3. Wireless Infrastructure i.e. Ubiquiti, Cisco, WatchGuard, etc…

  4. Server Hardware Management i.e. iDRAC, iLO, etc..

  5. Onsite backup systems like network attached storage

  6. Offsite backup systems i.e. AWS, Azure, Carbonite, Backblaze, etc…

  7. Anti-Virus software management portal

A copy of your most recent internet service provider bill

  1. Used to review Internet speed and pricing

Our IT Audits:  Painless, informative & free.


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Thank you for considering inSync as your IT Partner.

We appreciate the opportunity to present our unique model for IT support & services. Please contact us for more information on our services & to schedule your free IT infrastructure Audit.

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