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Looking Ahead in Our New Environment

Operating a successful business does not look the same as it once did.  With the evolution of technology & the advancement of mobile devices, the workplace is no longer confined to the office & the personal computer looks a lot different.


With all of these changes, organizations can centrally manage & upgrade their users' systems to be compatible with modern cloud applications, all while on a tight budget.  For these reasons and more, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has entered the market to help businesses deal with real-time business changes.


DaaS / IaaS


Leveraging cloud computing with DaaS and IaaS.  The cloud has freed businesses from the handcuffs and of hardware.  For large organizations, the capital expenditure to outfit employees with physical desktop computers can run in the millions of dollars.  Enter Desktop as a Service (DaaS)—the ability to deliver virtual desktops and applications to your organization via the cloud.  DaaS provides a simplified, flexible way to deliver data and is perfectly suited to decentralized businesses.  If you have a dispersed workforce, are growing exponentially or want to reduce capital expenses, DaaS should be on your radar. 
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) works hand in hand with Daas as another cloud computing service that allows companies to outsource big ticket items such as: hardware, storage, data center space or network components. By moving to IaaS, a business can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by using a subscription model that scales with the business.

5 Top Reasons for Your Business to Use DaaS

 Daas streamlines desktop deployment and accessibility no matter where in the world you are.

1. Cost Savings

No expensive hardware.  DaaS runs on a variety of devices including thin client & Bring Your Own Device options.  inSync's DaaS controls IT costs because, for a fixed price per desktop, we centrally manage all applications, security, & data.

2. Faster and Easier Deployment

Our DaaS solution allows companies to  setup employees with the necessary rights & permissions in a matter of hours.  DaaS is a fully managed & secure solution that streamlines desktop deployment & accessibility no matter where in the world you are.  It's appropriate for all businesses that are looking to reduce capital expenditures, & to capture their IT costs in a subscription service.

3. Enables the Mobile Workforce

Remotely access the same desktops, documents and resources securely from the device of your choice.  With more companies shifting to the bring your own device model, it saves businesses on capital investment.  It also enables remote users to access information from anywhere, while standardizing performance, security and support.

4. Security Advantages

Our DaaS solutions offer enterprise level security to protect both company & client data against cyberattacks, breaches or catastrophic data loss.  With all of your applications & data in the cloud, it eliminates the security risks of user error or theft of devices.  DaaS allows businesses to deploy a consistent set of user protocols across all devices. 

5. Reducing the need for Internal IT

DaaS support tasks, including deployment, maintenance, security, backups, and upgrades, are handled by the us.  We can easily add or remove users & deploy business apps corporate-wide in minutes.

inSync Computer Solutions is your IT team.

DaaS consultation, cloud adoption, migration, management, scaling & deployment.

Virtual Desktop vs Desktop as a Service


Virtual desktop solutions are deployed and managed on-site by in-house IT teams who are also responsible for purchasing, upgrading, and managing the infrastructure.

Desktop as a Service is a form of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) however DaaS solutions are managed entirely in the cloud by a third-party service provider.

Organizations that subscribe to a DaaS solution don’t need to manage their own hardware. The storage and network infrastructure are managed by the service provider who also handles all of the administrative work necessary to support, maintain, and upgrade the VDI.


Transitioning to a Remote Workforce?


Secure DaaS & AWS End User Computing

inSync Computer Solution's Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a simple yet high-performance solution accessible anytime, from anywhere, on any supported device.  Hosted desktops allow remote teams to collaborate quickly & effectively without compromising security.  We can help your business or organization transition to a remote workforce by integrating your current network with the AWS enterprise platform.

Cost-Effective   Fast & Familiar   Easy to Manage   Enable BYOD Initiatives (Bring Your Own Device)


How a Hosted Desktop Environment Works?

How it works:
A client is launched on your machine that will prompt for a user name and password.  Upon successful authorization, your desktop will load the virtual desktop window & you will be able to use the hosted desktop just like you would any desktop environment.

Your data is always stored in the cloud. This means if a device, such as a laptop, is stolen or lost, your data remains safe in the Cloud - inaccessible from the device.

Control Infrastructure Costs |  Eliminate Hardware Management   Accelerate Onboarding  | Safeguard Data |  Simplify Compliance

Cloud | On Premise | Hybrid

We customize your solution to specifically meet your current, & long-term, business objectives & budget.

We're here to help your business make the right decision.

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