For the past 25 years, we have employed a talented team of programmers & database administrators to work on our clients projects, new & legacy.  inSync Computer Solutions started out building custom software, but we ultimately became known as first-class architects of relational databases.  We are recognized for excellence within the IT industry as database administrators with deep experience designing & implementing new databases.

Obsessed with Rules

The one thing our Database Administrators have come to love is rules. Without quality coding & consistent database rules & architecture, records can create duplicate data at each touch-point within your database.  We carefully plan & architect your database so it does not become bloated with duplicate records.

Legacy Databases

Our DBA team has revived old databases for companies desperate to salvage the data stored in the database.  We also work on legacy databases - upgrading/migrating, creating new functionality, reporting...We have designed and optimized purpose-built databases for a wide range of clients.  We are not dependent on any specific technology, and offer a broad range of competencies & experience to all of our projects – regardless of size.

New Databases

As a Database Administrator, it is critical to analyze how your business intends to use the information stored within your database.  Will your database power critical customer service features in real-time?  Or will it store large amounts of data for decision-making and analysis?  Although it’s possible to do both, you will ultimately have to choose your priorities.  Your database needs are most likely situated between “transactional” to “analytical”.  Where your priorities fall will help shape your database structure.

Database Expertise

Our teams have unparalleled flexibility to match the best database technology to your needs. We have helped our clients with custom programming and their database systems.  Our expertise includes:  DBMS design, implementation, installation, configuration, patching, upgrades, backups, restores, refreshes, performance optimization, maintenance and disaster recovery.

We also focus on the logical and development aspects of database administration such as data model design and maintenance, DDL (data definition language) generation, SQL writing and tuning, coding stored procedures, collaborating with our clients to help choose the most appropriate DBMS feature/functionality and other pre-production activities.

Optimized SQL & Server Design

We’ve worked with thousands of clients to develop an easily extensible database architecture that provides enterprise security, speed and stability using only the best SQL methods.

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Database Administration

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