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Cloud is the great equalizer, giving businesses of all sizes access to limitless data storage & cloud computing. How you use the cloud depends on your company’s structure (centralized or decentralized), business objectives, and security requirements.  inSync's experts help guide you through the available solutions - public, private and/or hybrid - to find the approach to best serve your needs.

Over the last few years more businesses have turned to the cloud to future proof their business.  Cloud services allows you to work anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices – and today, more than ever, cloud solutions are the backbone to ensuring an effective remote workforce environment.  What's more, the cloud subscription & consumption-based business model turns the capital expense of purchasing IT into an operating expense. This puts the latest technology within reach. Isn't it time you lifted your business to the cloud?


Cloud Services Readiness Assessment

Our Cloud Services Readiness Assessment will determine if your business has the bandwidth, reliability and security to access cloud services.  We review your applications, data and infrastructure and recommend strategies for cloud migration.

Cloud Migration & Management


Your virtual office.  Business today is no longer confined just to the office.  It’s mobile, being conducted on laptops, tablets and smartphones in places that range anywhere from airport lounges to golf courses.  Cloud delivers 24/7 permission-based access to your company data and mission-critical software applications.  Employees, customers and vendors can access what they need, when they need it so the wheels of your business keep moving, uninterrupted.  When you migrate to a cloud environment, usage potential is scalable & virtually unlimited. And since our cloud hosting services can be purchased as a monthly pay-as-you-go plan, you can easily manage the costs.


Cloud Backup and Storage

Work smarter, not harder.  Cloud services are offered in several key categories:

1) Data Storage

2) Desktop as a Service &

3) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

With the cloud, you can archive data assets to keep your computer hard-drives unburdened, allowing equipment to run better and faster.  And, since your data lives in the cloud & not just on your computer, your information will be recoverable should you experience equipment failure.

The cloud also offers robust opportunities to explore front office and back office cloud computing applications to help your team be more efficient. This frees up time to focus on performance-oriented initiatives. Our cloud solutions cover the following areas:

  • Data Backup

  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

  • Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP)

  • Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

  • Applications

  • Database Servers

  • Storage

  • Hosted Email

  • infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud Security


Safeguarding your data.  A key component of any cloud strategy is security considerations.  Whether you choose to leverage public top-tier hosting providers, maintain a private platform to control proprietary data, or elect to harness the advantages of both in a hybrid cloud environment, inSync delivers the security & stability your company requires.  From end-to-end encryption & separate data work streams, to authentication and much more, our experts work with you to understand the nature of your business & provide best-in-class security & high availability. 


Office 365


Choosing the right email plan for your office is hypercritical. Communications hinge on it. Collaboration revolves around it. Productivity depends on it. Microsoft Office 365 has become one of the leading email platforms for business due to its robust capabilities. By enhancing productivity while reducing costs, Office 365 enables companies of all sizes to achieve greater efficiencies in a highly competitive marketplace. As an Office 365 provider, TeamLogic IT can help you optimize this powerful platform to deliver the versatility, reliability and security your business demands.


DaaS / IaaS


Leveraging cloud computing with DaaS and IaaS.  The cloud has freed businesses from the handcuffs and of hardware.  For large organizations, the capital expenditure to outfit employees with physical desktop computers can run in the millions of dollars.  Enter Desktop as a Service (DaaS)—the ability to deliver virtual desktops and applications to your organization via the cloud.  DaaS provides a simplified, flexible way to deliver data and is perfectly suited to decentralized businesses.  If you have a dispersed workforce, are growing exponentially or want to reduce capital expenses, DaaS should be on your radar. 
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is another cloud computing service that allows companies to outsource big ticket items such as: hardware, storage, data center space or network components. By moving to IaaS, a business can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by using a subscription model that scales with the business.


Managed IT Services


Nimble & responsive

We leverage current technologies to maximize business performance, streamline costs & safeguard security.  inSync provides three tiers of service to assist your business:
1. Proactive IT:
Strategic evaluation, tactical planning & budgeting for technology upgrades that provides flexibility and scalability.

2. Preventative IT:
24/7 Remote monitoring to identify potential problems before operations can be disrupted.

3. Responsive IT:
Our resource team is there when you need us most.  We always answer our telephone & email so that emergencies can be addressed immediately, either remotely or onsite.  But, if we're doing our job right, there are few emergencies.  The majority of our clients just call our office to make an appointment.  We take pride in our "white glove" customer service & our clients appreciate it.

 We also offer supplemental IT support & services for special projects.

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