Public Cloud.  Private Cloud.  On Premise.  Hybrid.
inSync's Cost Versus Benefit Approach to IT Solutions...Saves Money.


For companies with mobile work forces and/or phone apps out in the field,

there are cost-effective ways to utilize the Cloud for better access to applications.

For companies with specific applications that require a world-wide reach, the Cloud can make a lot of sense.

Cherry-pick your applications & what makes sense in the Cloud.  ​

Save money with a hybrid solution.

We examine the 5 year costs associated with each solution.

We balance the costs to the advantages of the Cloud.

Engineers Love the Technology.  CFO's Hate the Cost.
Need 24/7/365 Security?  Build a Private Cloud!
Gain the benefits of the Cloud at a fraction of the cost.
24/7/365 Uptime.  Elasticity.  Redundancy.
Potentially save millions of dollars with a private Cloud over a 5 year period!

The Process

1st)  We perform a deep dive into your IT environment & analyze the costs associated with it.
2nd)  We provide at least three technical options for your applications & data in the Cloud.
3rd)  We analyze the cost savings per year, & over 5 years.
4th)  Your business chooses the best option.
5th)  We execute the plan.

Two Case Studies of Migrating Out of the Cloud & Saving Millions

  1. Our client's Cloud hosting cost was $600,000/year.  Their engineers migrated their data & applications to 6 different Cloud hosts.  All of their employees worked out of one office, so with a $100,000 on-premise cluster solution, we eliminated the cloud cost & saved $2.9 million over 5 years.  

    Their IT environment was faster, more stable & resulted in a better user experience, & eliminated 6 internal IT positions, saving our client even more money.


  2. Our client was paying $420,000/year in Cloud hosting fees.  We brought that annual cost down to $18,000/year.  On our advice, our client invested in a cluster solution hosted in a co-location facility.  Not only was their Cloud hosting cost-prohibitive, it was fraught with problems:

    a)  Their 5 Citrix servers went down & the client had to notify their Cloud hosting partner, who promised 24/7 monitoring, that the servers were down.
    b)  Their Citrix environment was so unresponsive, users had to download their documents, work on them & then upload them back to their Cloud environment.

       With a $400,000 investment, we saved $1.608 million over 5 years, with a faster/better user experience & 24/7 uptime.

Let's analyze your applications & use the Cloud where it makes sense!  Call Us Today!


Why inSync is Different


Our business model focuses on the best interests of our clients & providing value.  Our model promotes long-term relationships with our clients & that means being more conservative about the costs associated with technology. 

The majority of our clients continue to have on-premise solutions.  If 24/7/365 is required, we look at the applications & whether a Public Cloud makes sense versus building a private cloud, or a hybrid solution.  We do not host our clients environment.  Our clients purchase their hardware, software...and retain control over their hardware, software & data.


The New Reality:  Embracing the Concept of a Remote Workforce

The surprising results from working remotely - Businesses can cut on overhead while employing a happier, more productive workforce. Today's businesses need flexible, adaptable work environments with truly connected workforce experiences.  We can help.

Our Deep Dive Analysis is the First Step.

We help find a solution that makes sense for your business. 


Public Cloud.  Private Cloud.  On Premise.  Hybrid.

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