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The New Reality:  Embracing the Concept of a Remote Workforce


The surprising results from working remotely - Businesses can cut on overhead while employing a happier, more productive workforce. Today's businesses need flexible, adaptable work environments with truly connected workforce experiences.  We can help.

The Cloud is the great equalizer, giving businesses access to limitless data storage & cloud computing.

inSync can migrate your business applications & data to the Cloud.  We take a cost versus benefit approach to the Cloud & we always want to make sure that the Cloud is in your business's best interest.



Six Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Trade the cost of capital assets for a variable expense
    Instead of having to invest heavily in data centers & servers, estimating the growth over 5+ years, with Cloud computing pay as you go - only pay for computing resources & storage that are being used.

  • Benefit from massive economies of scale
    By using cloud computing, you're benefiting from the usage of hundreds of thousands of customers aggregated in the cloud, providers such as AWS can achieve higher economies of scale, which translates into lower pay as-you-go prices.

  • Stop guessing capacity
    Eliminate guessing infrastructure capacity needs. One of our client's spec'd a new cluster server & ran short of resources within a year.  With cloud computing, these problems go away.  Cloud computing is elastic - access as much or as little capacity as required - scale up or down as required with only a few minutes’ notice.

  • Increase speed, flexibility & agility
    In a cloud computing environment, new IT resources are only a click away.  This results in a dramatic increase in agility for the organization versus spec'ing out new hardware resources, purchasing, integrating...

  • Stop spending money running & maintaining data centers
    Focus on projects that differentiate your business, not the infrastructure. Cloud computing allows you to focus on increasing your business rather than maintaining an infrastructure.

  • AWS has 33% of the Cloud market
    Amazon leveraged their massive IT infrastructure as a platform for Cloud computing.  Their massive infrastructure gives businesses choices that is not available with smaller Cloud hosting solutions.  Live in a earthquake zone, locate your servers in the mid-west, backup your servers in another region.  This level of flexibility is really only available with AWS.

  • Disaster recovery solutions & business continuity
    The backup & restore services & technologies, can be used to implement your disaster recovery (DR) solution. Many enterprises are using the AWS Cloud for backup & restore, & as a DR site.  AWS provides a number of services & features that support DR & business continuity.

We Migrate To, & From, the Cloud.  Let's Make Sure Cloud Computing is Right for Your Business.

The Pandemic Effect


After a year plus of working remotely, businesses are re-thinking the traditional office.  Why not save on overhead & have your staff work from home.  The virtual office no longer confines employees to the office.  Business has become mobile, being conducted on laptops, tablets and smartphones in places that range anywhere from homes to airport lounges to golf courses.

The Cloud delivers 24/7 permission-based access to your company data & mission-critical software applications.  Employees, customers and vendors can access what they need, when they need it so the wheels of your business keep moving, uninterrupted.  When you migrate to a cloud environment, usage potential is scalable & virtually unlimited. And since our cloud hosting services can be purchased as a monthly pay-as-you-go plan, you can easily manage the costs.

For these reasons and more, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has entered the market to help businesses deal with real-time business changes.  Centrally manage all laptops & desktops with a virtual environment.  Virtual desktops go hand in hand with the Cloud environment.  Your employee's home computer becomes virtual desktop for business & allows secure & easy access too their work environment.


Has the Cloud Become Cost-Prohibitive


There have been several cases where clients have come to us overburdened with Cloud costs that was threatening their business.  I can best illustrate with a couple of examples:

  • For one client, their IT department put their business into 6 different private clouds & co-location facilities with no regard to cost.  Their cloud cost was over $600,000 per year for only 50 employees.  One of the private clouds was charging over $8,000 per month for a 7 year old server.  The costs & the environment has to be carefully managed.

  • For another client, their initial contract was reasonable at $12,000 per month for hosting, & $12,000 per month for services.  However, 4 years later their hosting fees were $43,000 per month, & while their services were steady at $12,000 per month, they were also charged another $125,000 per year for services outside of scope.

As a managed services partner, we never want to put our clients at risk.  inSync fully discloses the costs of every solution quoted, and we often have several different options coupled with cloud, co-lo facilities &/or on premise solutions.  We want to take advantage of the flexibility, elasticity & the multiple options, such as disaster recovery, which is easily accomplished in the cloud.  But we manage the solutions as well - always looking for cost saving measures for our clients. 


inSync.  Giving the cost-effective premium solutions tailored to our clients' unique businesses.


Cloud Opportunities for Your Business

Work smarter, not harder.

With the cloud, you can archive data assets to keep your computer hard-drives unburdened, allowing equipment to run better and faster.  And, since your data lives in the cloud & not just on your computer, your information will be recoverable should you experience equipment failure.

The cloud also offers robust opportunities to explore front office and back office cloud computing applications to help your team be more efficient. This frees up time to focus on performance-oriented initiatives. Our cloud solutions cover the following areas:

  • Data Backup

  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

  • Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP)

  • Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

  • Applications

  • Database Servers

  • Storage

  • Hosted Email

  • infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud Security


Safeguarding your data.  A key component of any cloud strategy is security considerations.  Whether you choose to leverage public top-tier hosting providers, maintain a private platform to control proprietary data, or elect to harness the advantages of both in a hybrid cloud environment, inSync delivers the security & stability your company requires. 

From end-to-end encryption & separate data work streams, to authentication and much more, our experts work with you to understand the nature of your business & provide best-in-class security & high availability.  

For Government Contractors, Customers & their Partners

AWS GovCloud (US) gives the flexibility to architect secure cloud solutions that comply with US Government standards.  GovCloud is operated by employees who are U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.  AWS GovCloud (US) is only accessible to U.S. entities and root account holders who pass a screening process.  AWS GovCloud (US) can help customers address compliance at every stage of their Cloud journey.


Microsoft 365


Choosing the right email plan for your office is hypercritical. Communications hinge on it. Collaboration revolves around it. Productivity depends on it. Microsoft 365 has become one of the leading email platforms for business due to its robust capabilities. By enhancing productivity while reducing costs, Office 365 enables companies of all sizes to achieve greater efficiencies in a highly competitive marketplace.


As an Office 365 provider, inSync can help you optimize this powerful platform to deliver the versatility, reliability and security your business demands.


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