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Organizations across every industry have invested in Citrix technologies as part of their IT Strategy for the secure delivery of applications, desktops, and data to their workforce for a number of reasons:

  • Improve Employee Productivity and Technology Experience

  • Provide Consistent Workspace Access from Anywhere

  • Security & Control of Business Applications and Data

  • IT Operations Efficiency 

  • Choice & Flexibility

For New Citrix Environments

Getting started right is critical to a successful Citrix delivery infrastructure to support your business applications and services.  inSync Computer Solutions has a talented team of technical specialists to help you from the beginning in the planning, design and initial deployment.


For Existing Citrix Environments

We are often contacted or referred to organizations that have existing Citrix environments that were deployed before our involvement and are experiencing challenges.  Our Citrix specialists troubleshoot & solve these hard-to-solve problems.

We also find that periodic, proactive health checks result in fewer support calls and greater peace of mind for Citrix administrators.  Similar to getting an oil change for the car, a health check is essential to ensure the environment is performing in the most optimal fashion. Organizations using Citrix technologies may not realize the full potential and functionality that Citrix can provide for their end-users.

Some common challenges include:

  • User Experience Issues (Slow Logins, Printing Challenges, Slow Performance)

  • Lack of In House Knowledge

  • Missing a Trusted Partner

inSync has three different financial models
to help support your business & Citrix environment.


Have an existing Citrix issue you can’t seem to resolve?  We can help and engage on an initial T&M basis to review and help resolve issue.  If it’s more complicated, we conduct formal Health Check engagements to review all aspects that play a role in a successful Citrix setup.  Our engineers will provide a report with detailed findings and recommendations on how to remediate and improve.  And we can work with internal staff to complete the recommended changes.


Our Citrix team also works on fixed price projects us as upgrades or Citrix implementations.  Whether you are looking for full project assistance or looking to get familiar with newer technology associated with Citrix - we can help!


inSync Computer Solutions also has managed service contracts to support your entire IT environment including desktop support, cyber security, server maintenance, backup solutions...for businesses with an existing environment but may be short staffed or would prefer to outsource their entire IT support.  We have the capability to support your entire information technology environment.

For more information, please contact us today!  We can help!