Making Sure Your Data is Protected With Redundant Solutions.

Onsite & Offsite Backups

Isolated NAS Snapshots

Server Replication

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Onsite Backup:  We will work with your current solutions however, our typical recommendation is a network attached storage (NAS) device.  With this device, data is backed up, archived, & provides isolated backup snapshots – making it difficult for hackers/ransomware to find &/or encrypt data.

Offsite Backup:  A backup to an offsite location, preferably the Cloud such as AWS or Azure - a reliable & inexpensive solution in an enterprise environment.  

Archiving Data:  We recommend archiving data quarterly & annually, especially email on a NAS drive or another backup method, so your historical data is preserved.

Server Replication:  When we upgrade your server(s), we oftentimes use the former production server(s) as a replication host.  We can replicate critical business applications several times a day without deteriorating performance.  With server replication, we avoid the single point of failure, minimizing costly downtime, & it can be hosted either on or offsite.

Disaster Recovery:  With the Cloud, we can replicate your servers for a low monthly fee.  Higher fees come into play if the Cloud server(s) have to be stood up for use after a disaster.

Backup Software:  The backup software is crucial.  We make sure that an enterprise product is in place that can automatically backup, archive, replicate, & send notifications that the backup was successful or not.


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