Or How We Saved Our Client $350,000 Per Year

This is an example of what happens when your IT department or technical partner threatens the health of your bottom line.  It's not only about the best technology, it's about the cost of that technology.  Subscription-based businesses are trending - because your vendors make a lot of revenue from that model.

We always present a 5 year cost comparison between Cloud & on-premise solutions, and detail the advantages & disadvantages of both.  Why 5 Years?  Our on-premise server solutions have, at least, a five year life.  Read on...


How We Helped Our Client

We saved our client over $350,000 a year, $1.75 million + over a five year period, taking the majority of their virtual servers from the Cloud to an on-premise solution.

We migrated 49 of their 51 virtual servers, hosted in several Cloud & Co-lo facilities, to a sophisticated, redundant & secure on-premise server solution & investment of $150,000. 

Four members of their internal staff, & a consultant, were laid off also resulting in significant savings.  We took over all of their  responsibilities including their network, custom software, programming...

Our client's undocumented & over-complicated IT infrastructure resulted in ongoing networking issues & problems - which we solved.

What We Accomplished:

  • Performed a deep dive audit locating & documenting their virtual servers in Cloud & Colo facilities;

  • Audited & documented their 51 virtual servers;

  • Identified their custom & off-the-shelf software applications, file servers...;

  • Created a detailed project plan - the hardware & software required for an on-premise server solution, which included 3 Clustered Servers for redundancy;

  • Created a migration plan to migrate 49 of their 51 virtual servers to the on-premise solution;

  • Audited their Rackspace environment hosting their international websites to determine whether the environment was technically & fiscally sound;

  • Migrated their websites from Rackspace to AWS - gained redundancy and saved an additional $40k/year;

  • For a disaster recovery/business continuity solution, we are replicating their servers to a Cloud-based solution for $4,000/year;

  • Their 3 physical clustered servers are being monitored 24/7 with a cloud-based system for $60/month;

  • The 49 virtual machines are being monitored with a Linux based system that cost $1,000 - a one time fee - to configure the solution.

The Results:

  • We simplified & documented our client's network resulting in less problems & a much better user experience;

  • Our client has much more control over their data;

  • Their network is current & well-documented;

  • Their data is replicated, backed up onsite & in the Cloud, and we're working on an inexpensive Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Solution;

  • And they are saving a lot of money going forward.


In a nutshell, this is what we do.


A Case Study - Cloud to On Premise Migration

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